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CDSCO to publish daily analysis reports of cough syrup for export


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CDSCO to publish daily analysis reports of cough syrup for export

CDSCO to update on a daily basis about batches of cough syrup samples received at each of the central or state drug laboratories. This is to enable work distribution amongst the lab and for release of test reports in a time bound manner by these laboratories.

There is an ongoing global threat posed by toxic cough syrups, the World Health Organization (WHO) told Reuters. The WHO issued safety alerts last year for Indian-made products found in Gambia and Uzbekistan, and this year in Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

In May 2023, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India informed that they will be permitting export of cough syrups, subject to the export sample being tested and production of Certificate of Analysis issued by any of the Central Government Laboratories and any NABL accredited State Drug Testing Laboratory.

Along with samples, the Company has to submit a covering letter on letterhead, Manufacturing license and export order addressed to the concerned laboratory. It is also required to submit thrice the quantity required for performing complete analysis of the sample and qualitative composition of product including excipients.