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Gujarat State Pharmacy Council becomes first paperless council of India


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Gujarat State Pharmacy Council becomes first paperless council of India

​Gujarat State Pharmacy Council (GSPC) becomes the first paperless registration council of India. GSPC is able to start all its working and various services online which includes fresh registration, renewal services, digilocker services, payment services etc. GSPC launched newly developed web portal, software, digilocker, jobportal, mobile apps and digitalization of council with the auspicious presence of Shri Rushikesh Patel, Health minister of Gujarat and Senior Hon. Cabinet minister Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, Education and science and technology Government of Gujarat.

In this occasion along with Dr. Montu Patel president of GSPC, Dr. Navin seth VC of Gujarat technological University, Dr CN Patel principal of Shri Sarvajanik Pharmacy College Mehsana were present amongst others.

Dr. Montu Patel, president of GSPC said on the occasion that, we are able to create paperless council from the inspiration of digital India initiative given by our honorable PM Narendra Modiji. And it will be helpful for all fellow pharmacists from different part of the Gujarat.

Shri Rushikesh Patel, Health minister of Gujarat and Shri Senior Hon. Cabinet minister Shri Jitubhai Vaghani, Education and science and technology Government of Gujarat.

Dr CN Patel and Dr Navin Seth congratulated GSPC for their achievement of paperless process.
Dr Navin Seth further said that GSPC have stringent verification process to avoid any bogus registration. GSPC team had to face a lot of difficulties, but they faced it resolutely and inspired others to do so. I hope that this paperless initiative will also welcomed by other councils and pharmacy will established as great profession.
Dr CN Patel said that paperless council will save time for all pharmacists. It has various services like online payment system, online renewal and registration. As per PPR 2015 (Pharmacy Practice Regulations-2015), every pharmacists have to take refresher course for renewal of license and GSPC have conducted around 70 refresher courses digitally with help of various pharmacy colleges in Gujarat during lockdown. GSPC has also started to provide smart cards to pharmacists which give them official and unique identity while working in COVID-19 time. Also, Gujarat has received API SEZ at Sayakha and medical devices SEZ at Rajkot and we are progressing to development in this regards. In the world, out of every 3 medicine, one is manufactured in India; And out of it one is manufactured in Gujarat. In like manner, around 40% of Clinical Research share of the country is covered by Gujarat and in vaccine production also Gujarat has prime share. And these all became possible by help of each and every stakeholders whether they are chemists or manufacturers or regulators.

Gujarat Health Minister Shri Rushikesh Patel said that developed nations like USA, UK, Canada are using less paper in their work and this is really commendable  efforts of GSPC and GSPC President Montu Patel to do paperless work by council. It is really appreciating the efforts of the GSPC job portal by bringing employees and employers on the same portal. GSPC has suspended the licences of around 2000 pharmacists who are in dual jobs and brought up employment for pharmacists.
He further said that India is amongst top producers of pharmaceuticals in the world and in that Gujarat is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals in India. And Gujarat should keep working on its young generation to satisfy its requirement. Also in this modern time, there are many new techniques, machines, robotics keep hitting the market and doctors have to keep working on new operative techniques, the same way pharmacists have to learn the latest medicinal aspects and it is also required to change syllabus from time to time. Pharmacists are working for a noble cause and keeping professionalism alive. During the second wave of COVID-19 we had not utilised volunteer pharmacists but in case, if it will require, we shall also utilise around 4000 volunteer pharmacists of Gujarat during COVID-19 related work in the state.

GSPC said that they are thankful to Govt of Gujarat, Ministry of health and family welfare Digilocker team and Ministry of Electronic and information technology, New Delhi, India for providing all required resources and guidance in getting to make digital and papeless work. GSPC is happy that the registered pharmacists can now have access to their genuine digital documents (Pharmacist Registration Certificate) through digilocker portal and this ensure the authentic digital document wallet in Digilocker.

This initiative of GSPC will further make the registration process accessible, simple, easy, reliant and convenient for over 78000 registered pharmacists and more resources for upcoming pharmacists. For first time or new registration, pharmacists have to visit council for verification of original documents for one time after taking online appointment and after that for further renewal, all processes including payment will be carried out online.