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National Pharmacist Convention was organized on 9th-10th March at Guwahati, gate way of North East India. The conference was aimed to uplift social and official status of pharmacy profession in association with Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Assam Pharmacy Council (APC).

This conference was sheened with presence of Dr. B Suresh, President of PCI and Dr. S. Eswara Reddy, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), CDSCO. Along with them Dr. CK Kokate, (Vice–Chancellor, KLE University), Mahesh Zagade (Ex-Commissioner FDA Maharashtra), Dr. RS Thakur (Former Secretary PCI), Mr. Munindra Chandra Deka (President, APC) and other dignitaries were also witnessed this pharma gathering.

Dr. B Suresh, President of PCI said while addressing to students, “Pharmacy profession is not only expanding in India but it is expanding globally. And there is continuous need of human resource from our country not only for our requirements but for international needs. So unless they will not go for larger prospective, they will not have prospective to move forward.”

Mr. Munindra Deka president of APC expressed his serious concern towards Pharm.D graduates. He said, “We know and understand that there is a new Pharm.D course introduced by PCI for greater recognition of practicing pharmacists. But the prime question is having it resulted in better job placement from the side of government? Pharm.D graduates can come in new light in our country and society and medical community, in general gets benefited from them, while giving them the deserved recognition.”

Mr. BK Barman, General Secretary of national pharmacist convention concerned about problems with recruitment opportunities for pharmacy graduates in industry.  He said, “Industries are not interested to give job placement to pharmacy graduates and postgraduates. They prefer general graduates in compare with high skilled pharma graduates.”

Dr. RS Thakur suggested strict compliance of section 42 of pharmacy act as non-compliance can result in endangering patient’s life and health.

During this conference Association of registered pharmacist, Assam requested DCGI to consider issue of retail drug license pharmacist engagement should be for five years as it will bring employment security to pharmacist and business security to owner. They also requested for pharmacist photograph along with registration number should be in the main sign board of retail pharmacy. The size of photograph should be 1/3rd size of the total sign board and drug license copy should be changed whenever change of pharmacist appointed by the owner.

They also discuss to form district level joint committee for physical verification of pharmacist serving in medical stores across the country.

And schedule H drug should carry label as to be dispensed by a registered pharmacist on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.

Dr. S. Eswara Reddy, DCGI asked pharmacists that they should not criticize themselves internally, instead work hand in hand for growth of profession. He further said CDSCO is working for betterment of Pharmacy profession and emphasize on government's vision towards future of healthcare system and healthcare professionals. He even assured to arrange immediate meeting with pharmacy leaders and address their issues.

Pharmacists from all over the country and their association's leader were witnessed this event. The efforts of National Pharmacist Convention committee were successful to address pharmacists issues to drug regulators and government's bodies.

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