PCI to establish digital learning platform for Pharmacists

  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
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Pharmacy council of India (PCI) announced for digital learning platform for pharmacists and it will be helpful for pharmacists to gain knowledge as per PCI members. As per PCI, continuous learning of pharmacists will be supported through their digital platform.

Dr. B Suresh, president of PCI announced for digital learning platform for pharmacists while he was addressing in 1st national pharmacists convention on 9th March at Guwahati.

Dr. B. Suresh said, “Today Pharmacy profession is a growing profession. It is growing in every area whether it is healthcare delivery or manufacture of medicine or excess to medicine, pharmacists play an important role. Pharmaceutical industry growing exponentially but challenge is profession is becoming knowledge based than skill base. So when you go to industry, they look at you that what knowledge you are carrying with you to get require position in industry. So, pharmacists focus should be on to accessing and gaining knowledge. And for gaining knowledge, pharmacists have to meet right people, of course the classroom, syllabus and curriculum will teach you but your desire will help you to become succeed.”

He further added while addressing to students, “Pharmacy profession is not only expanding in India but it is expanding globally. And there is continuous need of human resource from our country not only for our requirements but for international needs. So unless they will not go for larger prospective, they will not have prospective to move forward.”

Dr. B. Suresh announced that, “PCI is going digital and processes are started. Lot of teaching content will available in free of cost at PCI portal. If somebody had given good lecture in Mumbai and you are not able to attend it, just don’t worry. Same will appear on PCI portal for everyone access. We are trying to realize things what we called as anytime, anywhere learning whether there are working pharmacists or teachers or students, there continuous learning will be supported through PCI’s digital platform.”

Digital learning platforms are not novice word for the world but when our government's bodies starts to understand need of time, it matters most. Though PCI is very conscious about digital era and already went online for registration and other services.

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