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pharma courses

pharma courses

Hi, I have completed my masters in microbiology from Bangalore university. And I worked in a pharmaceutical as QC-Microbiologist for 5 months, as it was not a good company i left that and i thought i will find a better one but i din get the job, even though i m interested in pharma field, due to lack of  opportunities  i have decided to go for medical i wan to know , the field i have chosen is good or not and is there any growth if i continue in that field......please help me out to take a better decision.


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Medical coding is best as lot

Medical coding is best as lot of opportunities are seen day by day and even companies are hiring for senior positions too. So after getting experience in this field, you may get chance to get in MNCs.

This is full time office work and if you are interested in same, this is best field for you.

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