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Why the Pharmacy Education and Profession in India demands still more sacrifice, hard works .........part-2

Pharma courses


pharma courses


Submitted by admin on 7 December 2011

Here few more points in continuation of our previous article:

  •   The starting pay scale of pharmacist in health care as well in industry must be revised in a respectable level.
  •     The practice in pharmacy is much concern aspect now a days, after doing M.Pharm in pharmacy practice/clinical pharmacy, there is no such exposure in health care system and now on the basis if US and UK, PCI had also introduced new course i.e. Pharm.D and Pharm.D(Post-Baccalaureates) and there 1st batch had passed out but they have not  given the chance for which course is introduced i.e.-

· Evaluation of prescriptions for chance of any types of    interaction.

·  Suggestion to doctors about right dose regimen.

·  Information about newer drugs.

·  Patient counseling.

  If this pharmacy practice is actually introduced in every public and private hospital then health care of patient is uplifted and the pharmacy profession is recognized by community.


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