B.Pharm Fresher Careers.

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Prajyoti Vaidya
B.Pharm Fresher Careers.

Pharma courses

Pharma Admission

pharma courses

pharma admission

For a B.Pharm fresher ARE THERE JOBS OTHER THAN A M.R AND WITH A GOOD PAY TOO?? There are other jobs but starting with a meagre sal. Quite disheartened with the search since the south has such good jobs with a good pay; then why not in MUMBAI???

P.S. Do comment on the DRA, CROs in and around mumbai.

Any suggestions from the knowledgeble are welcome!


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In south region some places

In south region some places like Bangalore.. salaries are quite higher because of the culture around... even if you go in baddi.. you will get more than any place in India.... So depends on around culture for that...

It is fact that starting salary is quite lower but it will grow up on a reputed level after 1 year of experience.

Prajyoti Vaidya
What about jobs in mumbai?

What about jobs in mumbai? Isnt it a favourable area for b.pharm freshers?

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Hi, If you think on


If you think on favorable area then let me tell you that it is not so that some areas are favorable and some are not... It is true that pharma industries are not situated at all cities of India but almost all bigger cities have pharma industries...

But the salary ranges decided through epidemics, company's gross, availability of candidates in that particular area, position in company etc...

In cities like mumbai if you ask for one candidate, you will get 100s. But experience makes you more professional. AND IT IS NOT SO THAT VACANCIES ARE NOT THERE FOR FRESHERS IN MUMBAI, ONLY THE THING IS YOU HAVE TO REACH THERE

Anonymous (not verified)
m.pharm jobs career

Is there any vacancies available for pharmacology fresher

Anonymous (not verified)
Its better to joine any pharma industry....

Its better to joine any pharma industry as chemist(q.a.,q.c.or prodn.) after m.pharm.
Because nowdays m.pharm. field also becomes saturated due to opening of numbers of new m.pharm.colleges,so a fresher m.pharm.have no job.
Teaching Faculty jobs is also very disappointing...privates colleges are sucking these freshers...

Anonymous (not verified)

respected sir
please help me for my carrier in junior R&,F&D,QA,PHARMA Executive/chemist

Anonymous (not verified)
Job in Celon Labs

Vacancy for the Post of MR in Celon Labs for Ludhiana and Amritsar.Please call Mr.Prince Divisional Manager at 8872525078

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I understand and appriciate your view. However would like to share few points : 

  1.  Indian pharma industry is rapidly growing and the future is going to be very very good.
  2. Human resource requirements is going to multiply in many folds.
  3. Industry will require the knowledgable since we would handle complex products
  4. However, If a fresher wants learn and grow in the industry it is not a bad idea to start the career as MR.
  5. Reason is when a fresher works as an MR for an year he learns the industry and the way we operate and the kind of products and competition.
  6. With that experience when he starts taking up higher responsibilities the chances of he/she growing is very high and easy.
  7. MR job is may be a tough job - but that job teaches a great amount of skill and knowledge to the person who wants to grow.
  8. When somebody joins as a MR - its in his hands to become a manager and grow and the opportunities are plenty to grow with in one to one and half year.
  9. The points are my personal views only - as i also started as an MR 20 Yrs back and to day i am heading a career academy today - hence i feel these points would be relevant to a fresher
  10. All the best 
Prajyoti Vaidya
B.Pharm jobs.

@Gurunath Sir;

Thanx a lot for your noteworthy response. Knowing the cerrnt scenario in the industry would you please comment any other options apart from starting as an M.R for a B.pharm graduate fresher which would also help him get the concerned knowledge for progress in this field? What about the 5-5 yrs experience they ask for? Ideally how should a fresher start with?

why the drug control genral of india taking time for giving NOC



                        i am kaushik, am curently working as an CRA in an reputated cro in hyderabad, i want to know y the dcgi is taking time for issueing the  NOC's for conducting BE studies all over india.. i know that  some unethical procedures were followed while  recruiting the study volunteers certainly the licence was cancelled for one of the cro in recent times but this issue has been resolved some how ... we used to conduct more than 12studies per month but now heardly 1or two ..am an b.pharma graduate having 1yr exp in this field but am unable to know how long this issue vl go on.shall i quit this job ? pls help me out  

Anonymous (not verified)
b.pharm fresher jobs.

i m b.pharm fresher (Sandip Dholakiya).
respected sir,
i m B.pharm fresher and m seeking for job in pharmaceutical department like junior R&D,F&D,QA,QC or production dep. so plz help me sir if any vacancy is there.



Anonymous (not verified)
Try Medicomarketing Writing as a Career Option

Hi Sandip, Pharma companies are outsourcing their marketing inputs to medicomarketing communication companies such as Medeka, Bioquest, Satchi & Satchi, etc.
These companies develop the marketing inputs namely, brochures, newsletters, visual aids, detail aids, patient education pamphlets, training manuals for medical representatives.
There is bigger scope,especially for pharmacists. However, there is lack of awareness about this profession (Medicomarketing writing. Moreover,candidates lack the appropriate skill required for this profession.
If you want to pursue, get trained and apply for the job.

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Reguarding MR

I am Abhishek Gour. I am a B pharm fresher and searching job in pharma industry as medical represantative. I have good communication skill and selling skill . Please give me a chance. I would be highly thankful . Contact no 09997867053

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B.pharma fresher jobs

Dear sir I am b.pharma fresher and searching job in clinical research . Is b.pharma fresher is eligible for clinical research job pls help me how I get job in clinical research

Anonymous (not verified)
B.Pharm fresher jobvaccancy

respected sir,
i m B.pharm fresher and m seeking for job in pharmaceutical department like junior R&D,F&D,QA,QC or production dep. so plz help me sir if any vacancy is there.


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