m.pharm subject & admission confusion...

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m.pharm subject & admission confusion...

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Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

hey..i want to know that in what branch i should take admission in "pharmaceutical regulatry affairs" or in "industrial pharmacy" or in "pharmaceutics"..please guide me...qnd i want to study in well known college...so please reply...aslo suggest me best m.pharm colleges in "maharstra" & "gujarat" or "banglore"...


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Pharmaceutics is well

Pharmaceutics is well saturated field. Its not so that it is not worthy to go for ceutics but some running fields like regulatory afairs has more demand....

So go for it...

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Hi, Sikha   Follow the

Hi, Sikha

Follow the trend and it will be helpful....

i dont think saturation is came for ceutics. ceutics is still no. 1 in pharmacy. regulatory affairs will have a narrow dimension as it is more specialized course.

And it is also depend on personnel interest to choose masters stream. Scope of the field is never be there. Scope for person is there if the person chooses right field whr he has innovatives ideas because competition level is to high.

So many newer plants are coming in place so chances for all are rising; only need for us to reach there.

Colleges from Gujarat:
LM college, Nirma, MS uni, ck pithawala

Colleges from Bangalore, 
Govt, college of Pharmacy, Al-Ameen,PES, Aacharya college, ramaiyah and many


hey....rajesh...thanks a lot ..buddy...thanks for collge options...can u aslo tell me about..."industrial pharmacy"...and particular scop of regulatory affaris...plz

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It is difficult for me to

It is difficult for me to tell u abt industrial pharmacy. But i can tell u sm scope of DRA.

find some details, http://www.pharmatutor.org/smart-question-and-answers/ipr-dra.html

Locally the F.D.A. (Foods & Drugs Control Administration) is the main regulatory body governing and implementing the rules and regulations for the Drug & Pharma industry. The F.D.A. has state branches and sub-branches all over the country. The job opportunities for Pharmacy graduates are excellent and range from the levels of a Drug Inspector (D.I.), Sr. D.I., Deputy Drug Controller, Asst. Drug Controller, Drug Controller and finally D.C.I. (Drug Controller of India). This is highly respected and sought after profession. A graduate in Pharmacy is the minimum eligibility.

With globalization process reaching out to India, the geographical barriers have become obsolete. Any country will have to compete and trade globally in order to progress and survive in the years to come. The major drugs and pharma. Companies have realized this fact and have stepped into the global area of competitive trade. If an Indian manufacturer wants to sell his drug or formulation to a foreign country it is mandatory that he has to fulfill all the statutory requirements laid by the regulatory authorities of that country. Also, his product needs to be perfectly as per the specifications laid down by the concerned regulatory authority. Thus, in order to enter into trade with the foreign countries it is mandatory to get the necessary approvals and sanctions as per the formats given by local regulatory authorities. E.g. Approvals to be obtained from U.S.F.D.A. for U.S.A, T.G.A. for Australia & NewZeland, M.C.A and M.C.M. for U.K. & European countries and ICH guidelines going to be uniform for international levels.

Since, the business involved is worth multibillion dollars; this branch has assumed tremendous significance and is bound to grow enormously, in the Post-GATT era. Many big players in the drugs & pharma. field has already established separate Regulatory Affairs Departments in their companies. Regulatory experts are thus in great demand. Since, the field is highly technical Pharmacy professionals again fit in these positions.

Similarly, Patents and Trademarks, I.P.R. Experts are also in high demand as far as the pharma. industry is concerned.
Documentation, Library Information Services & Pharma. Journalism:
The Regulatory Affairs as well as, Patenting Processes and Issues involve a lot of documentation work to be done and submitted to the concerned Regulatory Authorities, in a highly specialized and technical manner. Pharmacy professionals are again fitting in the bill. Most of the major Indian Pharma. companies have established separate Documentation Departments with a highly technical & skilled staff for this purpose.

Similarly, the R & D & Q.C. Departments of the Pharma. Companies need a wealth of Technical information, which needs to be updated regularly, in order to match the pace of global competition. Therefore, Library Information services is another field in much demand as far as the Pharma. industry is concerned. Furthermore, with the advent & boom of the Information Technology, Bio-Informatics and Electronic Data Retrieval Systems, this field is already scaling new heights.

Pharma- Journalism is another area filled with great potentialities. This requires specialist technical personnel like pharmacy graduates on the editorial staff to cover the various aspects. There is already a very lucrative business in this field.


hy..thank you for such detail information....currently i found m.pharm in reguatory affairs in ooty,tamilnadu state..in jss college of pharmacy,ooty...so should i joined that college..plz guid me as erly as possible..and that college is deam university...

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Hi... nice to see you


nice to see you again...

I am knowing very well about Jss College,....

It is also one of the good institute.. actually jss mysore is having great name than ooty branch.

You can join it for RA.. Actually if u will clear the GPAT than u ll have more choices.

thank you.........

thank you.........

Anonymous (not verified)
hi bro....my name is sitharamraju

i am completed b.pharma....in andhrapradesh..so please choose me the right way furtherly...
Email sitharamaraju9700@gmail.com


thanks  a lot...can u tell me about "industrial pharmacy" branch.....in m.pharm..and also scop in regulatory affairs...plz....

Naresh rathod (not verified)

Yes, you can go ahead in pharmaceutics.

I am a M.Pharm

I am a M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) candidate and I suggest you to join M.Pharm Pharmaceutics, so that you can further go to F RnD or regulatory affairs or production. But now itself if u r taking M.Pharm regulatory affairs means ur career opportunities will be narrowed. So think twice or thrice before joining. All the best...



Anonymous (not verified)

hi friends...i completed b.pharm and going for m.pharm...plz suggest me which branch will be good for ladies both career wise also...ceutics /analysis/pharmaceutical biochemistry/cology...

and plz tell me top colleges in andhra for M.PHARM

Anonymous (not verified)

i want to know about mpharm in pharma pratice, p. marketing in manipal,
is placement are there?

Malik,s (not verified)

Iam interested in pharmacology very much also I hav gulf experience as pharmacist now i am planning to join mpharm  pls guide me which branch I can take

Malik,s (not verified)
mpharm admission

Pls guide me which branch

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Yes, choose the branch in

Yes, choose the branch in which you are interested.
Pharmacology is good to choose. Pharmacy practice is also appealing one.

Sakshi (not verified)

Hey can anybody please help me out. Which college is better for mpharm among Manipal Institute and bits pillani.. Please reply urgently.

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