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Job in USA

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I have completed my M.Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in India & have 2 Years of experience in Drug Safety. I moved to new Jersey,USA in July 2016 after marriage and in Dec 2017 I received my work peprmit. After that from past 4 months I have been trying to get a job in the same field, but I am not getting response for any of my applications. So now I am thinking to get a job as Pharmacist.
I want to know what all exams I need to take take to get a license, I tried searching it on google but there are so many names FPGEE,PTCB, NAPLEX so I am really confused.
Can you please tell me actual number of exams that I will have to take?
Also if can you please give some information about how to get a job on PV or Drug safety or any pharma based job except sales.
Pharma tutor's reference and guidance will be of great help for me.


dhruv patel
You need to get approved by

You need to get approved by USA pharmacy board to be eligible to give these test first. They don't recognize Indian pharmacy degree. If you are eligible, then you have to give FPGEE, TOEFL, and then do Internship for 1 year, and then give NAPLEX

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Ptcb is fo become pharmacy

Ptcb is for become pharmacy technician.
Fpgee is the first exam to become pharmacist, then need toefl, then need to complete internship, and once done with all, finally give Naplex.

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And it is not necessary to

And it is not necessary to register for industrial jobs. One should have work permit and required qualifications and skills

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