can a mpharm pharmacolgy student can do MBA or NOT

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can a mpharm pharmacolgy student can do MBA or NOT

Pharma courses

pharma courses

hi i has a doubt that a student who completed his mpharm in pharmacology can do MBA in hospital administration or any other specialization?

if yes then what will be career options for him

what are the jobs opportunities for a guy who did Mpharm in Pharmacology with MBA? and what will be the starting pay scale for him


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MBA and M.Pharm in Pharmacology

When you start your career as pharmacologist, you will not find any requirement of MBA with your running job or work.

But when you will get some experience, at that time you will realize the exact situation of the market.
The combination of MBA with M.Pharm, may seems odd. But It is required for High level posts where one have to not only perform as scientist but also to manage the team of scientist and projects deadlines, project issues etc.

And this is not only for M.pharm in pharmacology but also for other masters degrees of pharma field. In US, UK, Canada this type of candidature requirements are very common. Atleast if one not making to MBA, he/she should pursue PG diploma in related management courses.

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