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MS from US

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Is it correct that MS in pharmacy from US is no more valid in India?
And If it is so then what is the future of students who are already in USA for doing M.S


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Yes, there were some news on

Yes, there were some news on it that MS from abroad is not valid in India.

If any student from the Indian origin or had done his/her bachelors from India are allow to work on their bachelors degree but degree from abroad will not be considered as per PCI.

though so many corrections may take place in it and so many controversies are there but whichever decision will be made from PCI, is in benefits of Indian Pharmacists.


hy,,rajesh,, currently..complted IELTS and GRE..for us ...but frankaly saying dont go us

it is too expensive..about 18-20,000 $ per yr..and it is true that  m.s degree from usa is valid in india but that kind of branche not in india so large scop in jobs in india ..but indian b.pharm degree is not valid in usa b'cause in usa b.phrm course is 5yr,..i think you heard about 5th integreted course in nirma university..after b.phrm u can join that course in nirma university..complet 5th yr there and some colleges valid that degree in usa usa you are alligible for tow exams "FPGEEE" or  "NAPLAX"..AFTER QUALIFING  that exam than ur registerd in usa as pharmacist..but that processs is interepted b'cas this year that course is still going in nirma but usa has canencelled its afillation with nirma so now that course has 0 value n india  and nirma give name that course is 5th yr diploma in clinical pharmacy..its fess is abot 1,40,000 par yr . and  so dont think about usa ..that my personal experiance and i spoil my yr on this IELTS and GRE so that i came to know all this things...

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