job related to pharmacy in production & manufacturing

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shashi gupta
job related to pharmacy in production & manufacturing

GPAT courses

Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

please replay for job in the production & manufacturing. i will promise that i will work very hard with honesty.and make good will of the company at the top............ i will promise you that............thank you very much.


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Yes, shashi forward your

Yes, shashi forward your resumes to HRD

B.Pharma Fresher 2011

I have been searching for a job in production , QA/QC since last 3-4 months.Till now not even one oppurtunity came . I am willing to work anywhere in india with out any constraints

In the market , companies are only looking for expereniced people and nobody considers freshers, in such a scenarios what should a B.pharma fresher do? . When I came out from the college I had lot of enthuasim about Pharma industry and now I am very discouraged

Can body suggest me where in india I can find job in production ,QA/QC? . I would be really grateful if somebody can atleast pointer how to get a job in these fields.



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for B.Pharm or M.Pharm no

for B.Pharm or M.Pharm no vaccancies in pharma industries......
But for BSc or MSc lots of vaccancies. Pharma colleges increases in india but no more jobs are remaining.

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job in pharma industry and fresher candidate are getting a job easily as compared to pharma profession(b.pharm, M.pharm.)... it is very shamfull for pharma profession especially for M.pharm candidate...

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ur really inteligent fellow me to facing same problem msc guys leading us in industry but not real experience donot worry we will do better.

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Hello shashi

Hello shashi,
friend do'nt be hopeless....i am a m.pharm.and i m in same situation as you.,its really tuff era for pharmacy and pharma students....but we will win....just keep try like me....

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