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Pharma Franchise provider on PCD basis

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pharma courses


Submitted by admin on 29 May 2014

Pharma Franchise means the authorization by a company to individual or group enabling them to carry commercial activities. It is an authorization granted to someone to sell or distribute a company goods and services in a certain area

            These days Pharma Franchise is becoming very popular in India. A Pharma Franchisee can sell products of a company in their area or district. After getting monopoly based franchise you will be the only distributor of the company products in your area. Without your permission, no one can sell company products within your monopoly area.   

            The person from Pharma marketing experience (as Medical Representatives, ASM, RSM, ZSM etc in any Pharma Company) are welcome for sole marketing and Distribution rights.

We at Averol Life Sciences gives Pharma Franchise on PCD(Propaganda Cum Distribution) basis in different state/area wise in India. If you are really interested to be associated with us and engage your territory to enjoy monopoly then you can meet personally or contact us at 9915555504 or email us at or visit

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