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Pharma E-books

GPAT courses

Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses


I am preparing for GPAT... and very few days are remained for GPAT.... SO i want some books in hurry.... 

So pls...

Can anybody share some e-books with me???

I want ebook for pharmacology.... and more if available


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This is some

This is some books... 


Rang and daie,

If anyone want anyother book, you can give a request. I will provide you if it is available with me.


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thank you

thank you

General Books for

General Books for GPAT:
Comprehensive Pharmacy Review by Leon Shargel
GATE – A Companion by N.N. Inamder
The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy by Lachman
Comprehensive GATE Questions by Vidya Sagar
GPAT Books for Pharmaceutical Analysis:
 Instrumental methods of Chemical Analysis by B. K. Sarma
Instrumental methods of Chemical Analysis by Chatwal
Spectroscopy by Silverstein
Text Book of Pharmaceutical Analysis y K. A. Connors
CRM Pharma Software

Manish bhattacharjee (not verified)
up;oad direct sites for downloading analysis books

please i eagerly request you to upload analysis books with hurry as possible.This is a very urgent need...plzzzz

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