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MARCH 2014


As healthcare professionals, we are always concerned about the future therapies. We keen to know about new developments, researches and scrutinize the small-small points which will increase our knowledge. It is not wrong to say, stem cell era when lot of development is going on in same area and government is also announced newer guidelines for stem cell research. There is lots of expectation from this new research area. Though stem cell is not something new but in recent decades huge number of research is being performed in area of stem cells. There are newer menstrual blood, as researchers said that, is found to be the most potent source of stem cells so far. Discovering curative power of stem cells has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of surgery and medicine till date, which has actually given many the precious gift of life. Due to their simplicity of collection and isolation, Menstrual Stem Cells would be a great impending basis of multipotent cells if they also showed these properties.

This issue is giving information on surfactants versatility in food industry, reviews on Fast Dissolving Tablet, African Anti-Malarial Herbal Plants, microemulsion, Floating Drug Delivery System, Effect of Diabetes on Vascular Endothelium, Ethnopharmacological Potential of Ricinus Communis, chemical and biological activity of Trifolium Pretense, Nutritional Value of Dry Fruits, Benzimidazole Derivatives, Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) Syndrome, Medicinal value of carom seeds and research on Medication Safety in Children.