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June 2014

New government came in force and we all expect lot from them. Whether Pharmacists role will become more prominent in healthcare system, is the bigger question. Dr. Harsh Vardhan is our new health minister and we hope he will deliver to our expectation. Recently he has asked for thorough streamlining of systems in the distribution of free generic drugs to government health institutions at all levels throughout the country. He said that the National Health Mission will be heavily e-governed to ensure minimum slippage and zero corruption. He also added that the despair faced by poor and middle class families when a member falls ill would become a thing of the past.

This issue covers primary topic on regulatory affairs and regulatory relations between company and Government Authority. Drug regulatory agencies of various countries give the strict rules and regulation which must be followed by pharmaceutical companies. Post Graduate in Pharmacy with Pharmaceutical Administration and Management or Regulatory Affairs specialization will be the preferred qualification to qualify for as a RA professional. Given issue also includes Study Report of New Drug Registration Process in European Union.
Apart from above, present issue also contain various reviews on role of human papilomma virus in cervical cancer, hydrogel, use of pyrethrin/ pyrethrum and its effect on environment and human, forced degradation and stability testing, SGLT-2 inhibitors as novel therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

June’s issue include researches like comparative study for safety and efficacy of oxaceprol and diacerein in osteoarthritis of knee joints, estimation of triamterene and benzthiazide, estimation of bromhexine and phenylephrine, estimation of torsemide and amiloride hydrochloride, preparation and evaluation of matrix tablets containing ambroxol hydrochloride, estimation of paracetamol and propyphenazone in their combined pharmaceutical dosage, estimation of olmesartan medoxomil and cilnidipine, evaluation of diuretic activity of glycyrrhiza glabra, evaluation of antihelmintic activity of root of butea monosperma, antiulcer activity of annona squamosa seed extract in experimental rats, formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablets of ambroxol, formulation and evaluation of chewable tablets of mebendazole, formulation and evaluation of controlled release tablets of metoprolol, pharmacological screening of ethanolic extracts of emblica officinalis.