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PharmaTutor Magazine - February 2014


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This issue highlighting facts on academic condition and what measures may be taken for increasing value of pharmacy field.

If a nation has 10 universities in world’s top 100 universities, then that nation has in it to rule the world. How image of any field is outlined, just by indicating professionals in that field. So we pharmacists have to work together to make our field more respectable in society. There are so many problems that we already aware of and still repeating the same. In this issue, such article is written by an author about academic needs and nations expectation from pharmacy.

This issue also enlighting review on the concept of JanAushadi, which talks about various measures taken by the Govt. of India on increasing the availability of the generic drugs throughout the country.

This issue include reviews on role of NMDA receptors in brain functions, plant tissue culture in development of anti-HIV, in-situ gel forming stomach specific drug delivery system, synthesis and anticancer activity of flavone derivatives, polyelectrolytes, microspheres, validation & calibration, formulation and characterization of microemulsion, nanocochleate, COPD, drug therapy problems, soy-based diet, management of asthma and research article on prolonged release transdermal drug delivery system of atenolol for the treatment of hypertension.

This issue also provides tips and tricks for entry level professionals that how body language is important for getting hired in industry.

On behalf of our editorial team, I sincerely thank all authors for sharing their views and research with us. Hope we will receive similar support in future also.