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PharmaTutor (December- 2014)


ISSN: 2347 - 7881
(Volume 2, Issue 12)


Received On: 22/10/2014; Accepted On: 28/10/2014; Published On: 01/12/2014


AUTHORS: Monjur Ahmed Laskar*, Manabendra Dutta Choudhury
Bioinformatics Centre, Assam University,
Silchar, Assam, India


ABSTRACT: Plants have been used in treating cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and are recognized for their ability to produce secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites obtained from different plants have been the starting material for designing different drugs. Echinosystic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene was isolated and identified from the fruits of Gleditsia sinensis Lam. Echinosystic acid has significant cardioprotective effects. Different phytochemicals have been found to be cardioprotective and paved the path towards development of cardioprotective formulations. In the present study we have analyzed the inhibitory potential of Echinosystic acid, on the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) - the enzyme responsible for various cardiovascular diseases.
The study revealed that Echinosystic acidhave high ACE inhibiting potential as compared to other known ACE inhibitors.


How to cite this article: MA Laskar, MD Choudhury; Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitory potential of Echinosystic acid relevance to Cardiovascular diseases: An in silico study; PharmaTutor; 2014; 2(12); 107-113