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1.1 Simethicone is a component of several antacid formulations. Chemically it is
(a) wax (b) fat (c) Aldehyde (d) silicon

1.2 The pharmacy Council of India is constituted by the
(a) Central Government (b) State Government
(c) Parliament (d) Legislative Assembly

1.3 All of the following physicochemical constants are useful in predicting the solubility of a drug except
(a) Dielectric constants (b) pH of a solution
(c) pKa of the drug (d) Valency

1.4 sigma blade mixers are commonly used in
(a) wet granulation (b) dry granulation
(c) powder mixing (d) crude fiber mixing

1.5 The 5 ß pregnane is said to have a
(a) trans-anti-trans-anti-trans backbone (b) cis-anti-trans-trans backbone
(c) cis-syn-trans-syn-trans backbone (d) trans-anti-cis-anti-cis backbone

1.6 Many drugs are chiral. In a synthesis of chiral drug molecules in symmetric environment
(a) always one enantiomer is obtained
(b) always both enantiomers is obtained in equal amounts
(c) always both enantiomers is obtained in unequal amounts
(d) none of the above

1.7 Poorly manufactured tablets may have small pinholes on the surface. This phenomenon is known as
(a) Picking (b) Mottling (c) Leaching (d) Cracking

1.8 Ascorbic acid exists in nature
(a) only in the reduced form which has only biological activity
(b) only in the oxidized form which has only biological activity
(c) in both reduced and the oxidized forms in the state of reversible equilibrium which has biological activity
(d) none of the above

1.9 In the stable conformation of 5 a -pregnane
(a) Rings A, B, C are in boat conformation
(b) Rings A and B are in boat while C in chair conformation
(c) Ring A is in boat while B and C in chair conformation
(d) all the three rings are in chair conformation

1.10 Among the following preparations, which one will be the most irritating to the eye?
(a) Purified water (b) 0.7% NaCl solution
(c) 0.9% NaCl solution (d) 1% NaCl solution

1.11 In case of hypothyroidism, the preferred thyroid preparation is
(a) Levothyroxine (b) Dextrothyroxine
(c) Leothyroxine (d) None of the above

1.12 D-Fructose on simple reduction gives
(a) L-Fructose (b) only Sorbitol
(c) Mannitol (d) mixture of Mannitol and Sorbitol

1.13 Lugol‘s solution contains 5% of iodine. How much of Lugol‘s solution is administered to a patient thrice daily to provide 60 mg of iodine daily?
(a) 0.2 ml (b) 0.3 ml (c) 0.4 ml (d) 0.5 ml

1.14 The anticoagulant Heparin is obtained from
(a) Sheep‘s lung (b) Dog‘s kidney (c) Rabit‘s heart (d) Rat‘s uterus

1.15 Which one of the following types of adverse drug reactions are not believed to be dose related phenomenon?
(a) Side effects and toxic reactions
(b) Toxic reactions and hypersensitivity
(c) Side effects and hypersensitivity
(d) Hypersensitivity and idiosyncrasy

1.16 The structure of a drug having an asymmetric centre is: H COOH
(a) B (b) S (c) a (d) ß

1.17 Cryoscopic method is familiar in the calculations of isotonic solutions. This method is based on
(a) freezing point depression of the drug
(b) molecular concentration of the drug
(c) pH of the drug
(d) none of the above

1.18 One thousand nanogram equal to one
(a) centrigram (b) gram (c) kilogram (d) microgram

1.19. Biological role of thiamine is because of facile formation of
(a) Thiamine hydrochloride (b) Thiamine pyrophosphate —ylid“
(c) Thiamine sulphate (d) None of the above

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