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Have you ever wondered why some perfume last longer while others will just fade away?



Have you ever wondered why some perfume last longer while others will just fade away

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Dr Poonam Mogal

There are these wonderful fragrances available in the market but that’s just a costly affair to handle!  But don’t blame yourself if last for just few minutes! In point of fact, have you ever wondered why some perfumes last longer and some will just fade away? Yes, some formulators will add innovative ingredients like fragrances fixatives in the perfume products which will eventually make it last for longer period of time. What’s more, there are certain insignificant things from the way you store it or the way you moisturize your skin are essentially key to craft them smell best and even last longer.

What are fragrances?
These are the mixtures of essential oils or aromatic compounds, fixatives, solvents which can be applied on humans, objects, spaces or surfaces to impart pleasant scents.
Fragrances are found in different personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, lotions, deodorants, serum, colour cosmetics, perfumes etc


What is fixative? How does it work?
There is interest by formulators to keep the aroma character and its intensity for longer time frame. Fixatives for perfumes are nothing but ingredients that will retain aroma or scent for longer period of time. They will equalize vapor pressures of raw materials in essential oil and also increase tenacity. Basically, these are the substances that will hold and fix the aroma that will last for longer time. These are also essentials to increase the shelf life of the perfume and to hold it for longer time.

Components of fragrances
It consists of essential oils, fragrance fixative agents and solvents. Fixatives also serving as base notes and hence forms essential part of fragrances.

Benefit of fixatives
Fixatives are added for anchoring the scent in fragrances. By and large, naturally derived fixatives such as tinctures, gums, resins, or balsams or animal derived ambergris and civet are added as fixatives in fragrances. But these animal derived products are "product a non grata" consequently, are not used anymore in fragrances. These are added to increase the shelf life of product as well as to hold the scent for longer period of time. They can be used as basenotes like Vanilla or sandalwood in most of the fragrances products.

fragrances products

Ethyl hexyl glycerin used as fixative
Good fixative is required for most of the cosmetic and personal care products. Ethyl hexyl glycerin is used as fragrance fixative agent that will not affect overall odor of fragrance and still holds the scent for longer time.

Additional benefits of EHG
Ethyl hexyl glycerin is multifunctional cosmetic additive wit humectants and emollient properties improving skin feel of the products. It also boosts the activity of other preservatives present in the formulations. Thus, it enables to use lower concentrations of preservatives in the final products. Consequently, it is used in wide variety of personal and cosmetic products.
Kumar organic pvt ltd is also manufacturing ethyl hexyl glycerin, brand named as Kopcerin, that is used as fragrance fixative agent for most of the personal care products.

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