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Apply Online for INSPIRE Programme

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspire Research (INSPIRE) is one of the innovative programs by the Department of Science & Technology for attraction of talent to science. The basic objective of INSPIRE is to communicate to the youth population of the country the excitements of creative pursuit of science and attract talent to the study of science at an early stage and build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding the Science & Technology system and R&D base.

INSPIRE Internship a component of Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science (SEATS) under the INSPIRE Program is the enrolment increasing phase. In this component of SEATS, students would be selected for summer/ winter camps on an annual basis to provide an opportunity for students to interact with global Leaders in science to experience the joy of innovations on an annual basis through INSPIRE internship. Annually 50,000 students who are among top one percent in their X Board Examination and pursuing science in standard XI would be benefited through summer/ winter camps. These camps would nourish the curiosity of children in science; help them to think out of the box and attract the students at an early age of 16-17 years (i.e. in XI standard) to pursue a research career.

Selection Criteria : Selections will be made among the top one percent rankers in their X Board Examination and pursuing science in standard XI.

Duration of the Summer/Winter Camp : 5 days (excluding the days of Journey)

Nature of the camp : Residential except in Metropolitan Cities

Applicants Eligibility Criteria
a. Top one percent ranking in their X Board Examination
b. pursuing science in standard XI and
c. should not have attended a similar camp earlier
d. participating students shall be within the same state or UT

Note : In case the number of top 1% students of a respective examination board is more than the allocated number of INSPIRE interns, for participation in such camps, of the respective state/UT, top rankers will be selected for INSPIRE Internship science camp provided they had applied for the same. The list of the cut-off percentage for various State and Central Boards class X examination is at Table 1

Eligibility Criteria of INSPIRE INTERNSHIP Science Camp Organizers
a. University/College or Academic/Research institute should have the required infrastructure of related Science Laboratories for holding INSPIRE Internship Camps.
b. Availability of auditorium with well equipped sound system and LCD projectors
c. Availability of Guest House, Hostel for Girls and Boys, with holding capacities and
d. University, College or academic/Research institute shall owe the administrative and financial responsibility for the organization of INSPIRE Internship Camp.
e. Organizing institute has to provide an undertaking that they will participate in the monitoring of the camp whenever they were asked to do so. DST will provide only boarding and Lodging for attending the monitoring meeting.

Role of the Science camp Organizers
The Local Organizer Shall advertise/ announce the event in the local Media or approach School Principal/ Headmaster/ Headmistress to fill up the Registration Form of INSPIRE Internship (available in the Website) by the Class XI standard science students. On the availability of filled- in Registration Form, selection may be done by the Local Organization level as per the top 1% data given in the Table 1 and an invitation may be extended to the selected students for attending/ joining the Summer/Winter camp. For identifying the Mentors for Camps, a List of more than 2000 Mentors suggested by INSPIRE-Academy Panel is available at the Website ( Coordinator needs to identify suitable mentors for the respective camp and invite them accordingly. The size of one such camp may be decided by the organizing institute depending upon their infrastructural facility. However, a reasonable size of one camp could be 150 students with proportionate number of mentors. The Organizer shall display properly the `INSPIRE’ banner etc. in the event including use of the `INSPIRE LOGO’.

Mentors and their Role
Mentors for INSPIRE Internship would be various Academy Fellows, Bhatnagar Awardees, Scientists and academicians of National and International repute. Mentors role would be to interact with the students through lectures related to scientific success stories and joys of innovation across all science streams which in turn would nourish the curiosity of children in science, help them to think out of box and attract them at an early age of 16-17 years to enroll/pursue their academics/career in science. This will be followed by personal interaction in an exclusive set up at camp. Mentors will be provided an “Appreciation Certificate” for their contribution in this endeavor by the host institute and Mentors will directly provide the feedback about the camp to DST through e-mail (E-mail ids :

Submission of the proposal
Any public or private funded University or College or Academic/ Research Institute fulfilling the above eligibility criteria and willing to organize INSPIRE internship camp, can submit online proposal on the three months in advance from the proposed date of organization of the event for consideration of support. The proposal shall be having Endorsement Letter duly signed by the Head of the Institute and PFMS Unique Agency code and the Organizer shall also be the regular employee of the respective University or college or Academic/Research Institute.

Schedule of the Program
Each day the schedule of the Program should comprise of at least two lectures cum discussion of one and a half hour in the morning hours followed by hands on experience in the second half (i.e., 1400Hrs to 1730hrs). Since the camps are residential in nature, coordinator should engage students in the thinking process on the issues of national importance by way of organizing sessions of interns for writing on new and innovative ideas. The following are some of the key areas of priority :
• Second Green Revolution
• Renewable and non Renewable energy
• Clean energy
• Natural resources utilization for sustainability
• Make in India
• Swachh Bharat & Ganga Rejuvenation
• Energy conservation efficiency and sustanability
• Harnessing Modern Technology for second green revolution
• Dairy and Livestock Sector
• Solid & Liquid Waste Management
• Recycling & processing of waste to conserve resources

Program Coordinator can organize pre-dinner interactive session with the students on the first day and initiate the discussions about the role of science and technology in the development of nation. Out of 5 days of camp any day the camp organizer shall organize a session with the participating interns on writing the new and innovative ideas on the above areas. Organizer shall evaluate these idea write up by the external mentors present during the 4th or 5th day and select the best three write-ups in the raking of 1st 2nd 3rd ….. 10th. The interns whose write-ups will be selected for1st -10th rank will be awarded during the valedictory function. Program coordinator has to submit these ten write-ups (hard as well as soft Copy) to DST immediately after the completion of science camp as well as along with completion report.

Considering the queries raised by the camp organizer to have Nobel Laureate participation in more camps, it is agreed that each visiting Nobel Laureate has to interact with the students of two camps, if the camps are being organized during the same period. This will help to increase the number of INSPIRE Interns to have interaction with the Nobel Laureate.

Important Instructions to the camp organizers
• Full day visit for Museum, Science parks, Planetarium etc. should be avoided as far as possible.
• Half a day visit to the Research Institutes/Labs. Or Industry for exposure of the students to the available research facilities is permissible during the 5 days of INSPIRE Internship Science Camps.
• List of camps organized by the institute in the preceding years and their settlement status should be communicated by the camp organizers.
• Attendance sheet for each day (Signature only) of the participants should be submitted with the report.
• In any case if change of date/duration of the Sanctioned camp is required it is mandatory to seek the approval for the same before the Camp organization.
• Confirmed mentor list should not be changed by more than thirty percent and the replacement should be only with equal level mentors. . Approval of DST needs to be sought on the changed mentor list if the change is more than 30% at least one week in advance to the commencement of the INSPIRE Internship camp.
• Participating number of students in a camp should be equal to the sanctioned strength, if number is less, funds should be incurred at pro rate basis and if the number of students is above the sanctioned number, no additional funds will be provided for the same, unless until prior approval from DST is obtained.
• Camp duration is 5 days excluding the days of Journey.
• Proposal should be submitted online minimum three months prior to the proposed date of commencement of camp.
• Organizer shall not organize Internship camp in case of non receipt of 1st installment of grant. Only on receipt of grant, a science camp shall be organized.
• Organizing institute has to provide an undertaking that they will participate in the yearly monitoring meeting of the camp whenever they were asked to do so. DST will provide only boarding and Lodging for attending the monitoring workshop/meeting. TA for attending the workshop should be adjusted by the camp organizer in the grant released to organize the camp.
• Unspent balance for the camps sanctioned should be submitted in the form of DD in favour of Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO), DST payable at New Delhi.

Financial support for the program
For the INSPIRE Internship camp of 5 days (excluding the Journey days), Rs. 6500/- student (as an upper most ceiling/student) will be provided to the coordinating Institute/Department/agency to meet the INSPIRE Internship camp cost. This cost includes travelling cost (as per entitlement & actual), Boarding & Lodging, Stationary including Books & small experimental gadgets etc., Consumables, Honorarium (to the Mentors etc.) and organizational expenses for the Students and Indian Mentors invited for the respective INSPIRE Internship camps. Honorarium to the mentors should be paid maximum @ Rs.3000 per contributing day, with an upper limit of Rs.6000 per mentor if the mentor contributes for more than one day in the entire camp duration. For inviting a Noble Laureate to interact with the students in these Camps as an International Mentor, INSPIRE has also a provision of providing support with the maximum of Rs 10 lakh (all inclusive) per Noble Laureate. Every year the maximum 50 no. of Noble Laureates can be invited for the INSPIRE Internship Camps.

Report Submission to DST : 
Complete INSPIRE Internship Camp Report should be submitted on External Hard Disk on the following lines: 
a. Since the application is submitted online, a hard copy of application along with uploads including the Endorsement certificate from the Head of Institute, Program Schedule etc. needs to be submitted along with the declaration that the organized INSPIRE internship science camp was residential in nature.
b. Student’s attendance (signature only) for each day (5 Days)
c. Each Students Registration Forms
d. Each Students Feedback Forms
e. One Page Student Feedback Summary (Complied by the Program Coordinator in the standard Format)
f. Course coordinators feedback
g. Video-graphy of the five days program
h. List of students with cut off marks, address and signature.
i. List of Mentors along with the scheduled as followed by the organizers along with the title of the talks/interaction carried each day by the mentors.
j. Practical session details followed in the camp
k. Scientific and technical write-ups of 1st , 2nd 3rd …..10th top rankers.
l. Audited Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure (2 Copies) needs to be submitted in DST format (Performa 12A) only within two months of the event completion date.
m. Unspent balance including interest earned on the grants for the sanctioned camps should be deposited through Non-Tax Receipt Portal (NTRP), i.e., immediately after the finalization of accounts.

Brief Report
Hard as well as Soft Copy (PDF)- as an e-mail attachment to the e-mail:
• Sanction order copy
• Any date change if any e-mail confirmation
• List of the participating students with Cutoff marks their Education board like State Education Board, CBSE, ICSE etc.
• Five days attendance of the students
• List of Mentors with their contact details and title of the talk
• Program Schedule followed in the camp
• Student feedback summary in the given format (compiled by the Program Coordinator on the available performa on INSPIRE website)
• Program Coordinators Feedback
• Innovative idea write-ups of the Top Ten winners
• Audited Utilisation certificate in GFR 2017, 12A performa
• Statement of Expenditure
• Residential Camp certificate

Report to be retained by the Program Coordinator
1. A soft and Hard copy of the Report submitted to the DST should be retained by the Organizing Institute for their record.
2. Also Registration and Feedback forms duly filled in by the participating students including a photograph of the student, Aadhaar Card no., cut off marks, courses pursued in the XI standard and a declaration that he/she has not attended a similar camp earlier needs to be retained by Camp Organizer.

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