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Welcome to the University of Oxford. We aim to lead the world in research and education for the benefit of society both in the UK and globally. Oxford’s researchers engage with academic, commercial and cultural partners across the world to stimulate high-quality research and enable innovation through a broad range of social, policy and economic impacts. We believe our strengths lie both in empowering individuals and teams to address fundamental questions of global significance, while providing all our staff with a welcoming and inclusive workplace that enables everyone to develop and do their best work. Recognising that diversity is our strength, vital for innovation and creativity, we aspire to build a truly diverse community which values and respects every individual’s unique contribution.

Post : Clinical Researcher in the development of technology in healthcare

The role
1) You will join a research group focused on combining the fields of bioengineering and medicine to generate innovative methods for identification of patients at risk, and on delivering user-centred clinical solutions to drive this research innovation into clinical practice. Reporting to the Principal Investigators, you will have responsibility for carrying out aspects of the Oxford BRC research programme.
2) As part of this multi-disciplinary team you will utilise bioinformatics resources to improve early recognition of patients at risk of deterioration. Research will focus on the fusion of novel sensor data, real-time physiology, biochemical, clinical and operational data. The job will involve literature review, design and delivery of research interventions, patient recruitment, and associated data collection and data analysis.
3) You will also be expected to undertake project management responsibilities to ensure that all required regulatory and ethical documentation is in place. You will also assist the senior researchers submit original manuscripts for peer-review publication, and draft grant applications for future research projects. You will be expected to work closely with the other researchers, bioengineers, and software developers working in the team. The research team has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, allowing full evaluation of research innovations moving into clinical practice.

Project summary:
Over the next five years we plan to build on the achievements of our highly productive partnership between engineers, biomedical scientists and clinicians.
Our vision is for patient care to become agnostic to patient location. From the patient’s home through to Intensive Care, we are developing monitoring and alerting systems appropriate to the environment and the patient.


• Plan, manage, and conduct an agreed research project taking direction from the senior clinicians and other colleagues as appropriate
• Work closely with the research team/s to develop research questions within a specific context, conduct individual research, analyse detailed and complex qualitative and/or quantitative data from a variety of sources, and generate original ideas by building on existing concepts
• Manage clinical trial authorisation, ethics, and research governance approval processes as required
• Screen and recruit those who may be eligible for inclusion to the studies, ensuring that all consent procedures are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant research protocol
• Liaise with clinical staff to ensure the timely administration of investigation, treatment, and follow-up required for research studies
• Deliver novel research data in accordance with established timelines set between you and the Principal Investigators
• Act as the primary contact for participants in the studies
• Develop and implement quality control procedures in data collection and storage
• Maintain study databases and ensure all documentation and site files are up to date
• Adapt existing, and develop new, scientific techniques and experimental protocols to support the research programme
• Regularly write research articles for peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and reviews
• Regularly report study progress to senior management committees
• Formally present research and represent the research group at internal, national, and international conferences and meetings, either with other members of the team or alone
• Carry out collaborative projects with colleagues in partner institutions and research groups in accordance with research group requirements
• Undertake public engagement activities on behalf of the research group
• Act as a source of information and advice to other members of the group on scientific protocols and experimental techniques
• Take on other tasks or duties assigned by the principal investigators as required

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