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Research is an important tool for the human society. It is used to demystify the unsolved enigma of the nature. Homo sapiens are the most intelligent creature who has ever dominated the earth by his Intellectual reasoning and capacity. As we are living in 21st century which is known as modern age. So it is vital to do research to discard the age-old hypothesis and to establish clear/concise conceptions about a particular issue which can makes our lives safer in the planet.

The sempiternal examples of human dynamics can be witnesses in the present/past years. Eximious works by Einstein; Edison has given new dimensions to the world especially in the field of quantum of physics and invention of bulb.

In today modern age doing a perfect research work or go up to the standard of research work has become a million dollar question. Because all of us are got engaged to satisfy our never ending greed. And in the due course of time our lives got stereotyped. There are few people who dedicated their lives for the benefit of the receipents.

Research first begins in the human cerebellum when he delves himself beyond the invisible. This type of talent is rarely seen in the people of the modern age. Doing a perfect research work is to hit the animus at the right time and in the right place on a particular issue and in other words is to establish the veracity of the statement without being further dilemma arises on it. There are different types of researches which involves social science researches and scientific researches.

Social Science researches deals with the tentative study of the social issues and scientific researches mainly concerned with the victory of the mind over the matter as it explain in the above paragraphs. While doing a research on a particular issue we may not get an adequate amount of information about a particular issue which can create a dubious concern at the initial stages of research. Although this problem got solved by the help of the modern source of information engine. To get fair degree of success in the field of research work we need to get equipped with all the valuable sources. Monetary matter is a crucial issue as it is linked with the buying of materials connected with the particular issue. A small boy from a poor family can become an innovator in field of any issue if he/she well equipped to give a shape to his dream.

It is seen in major cases due to lack of research funds many innovative glimpses become immaculate which can vicissitude the scenario of the situation. Time  is the another factor which decides the fate of the research work as the time passes the results got altered as then the excepted results. As there is a famous proverb “Time and Tide waits for none”. So it depends upon the researcher how to deal how to move on with the process. So these are factors which can try to deceive us at any point of time when to try to vanquish over a particular issue. To do a research on a particular issue does not mean that you will get the results of your deeds it may come or it may not come. The example are that the myriad researches have been done to find out the way to diagnose the cancer but the malignant cells found to hostile, over smart at deceiving the modern therapies invented by the scientist. So I fully agreed with the statement that “There is no hope for the perfect research work

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I am truly appreciate the author for his boldness. This is true the current research on Cancer and other things are not giving that much fruit full results. The current proposing medicines or therapy systems are not at all available for the common people all are sci-fy medicines such as molecular biology based medicines are up to research only. Not for people usage. Instead of wasting billions of dollars for research Govt should give the some tax exemptions on medicines and cancer treating devices, people will get benefited.

The evidence for not good research from the past 30-40 years is, the drugs what we are using all that much old. Still there is no good drug for TB which is a ancient disease. No medicine for curing HIV patients, no cost effortable drugs for cancer.

Still we all use asparin and paracetamol a century old drugs

these all tells that there is no good research in life sciences.