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Students opt for Pharma, Healthcare, Nutrition, and Food Industries when they are interested to become either a part of medicine and food research respectively apart from being a doctor. However, after the completion of such degrees, many students like you, struggled to choose their career as most fresh passouts are not aware about all the career options and growth in Pharma, Healthcare and Food Industries. The career scenario is changing very fast these days. A student has numerous options to start his/her career in the industry after being enrolled in numerous programmes which you may have never heard about earlier. IGMPI presents a unique technology enabled platform for training in these areas which is imparted in classroom as well as Distance cum eLearining modes.

Let’s check some of those areas :

IPR Programmes
Intellectual Property Rights is related to the tangible property which is the conception and conclusion or end-result of any idea of human mind and intelligence. In layman’s term, intellectual property rights are method to grant exclusive monopoly right of certain creative ideas or business concepts to any individual or business entity.

There is a high probability that you are reading this with utter confusion as how to connect this domain with your qualifications. To shed light on this issue, firstly see the diverse work profile which this domain offers:
• Drafting (here, understanding the invention, strategizing protection, articulating the inventions and understanding nuances of language is very important): which directly connects to the qualifications gained at your end, because subject knowledge is important for drafting.
• Filing & Prosecution
• Teaching, training and spreading awareness
• Analytics and Strategy
• Technology assessment and marketing

Clinical Research Programmes
There can be lack of awareness in this areas and all related career opportunties; clinical research is proving to be a successful career path which is again connected to your qualifications. In all the courses involving medicine and food, clinical research plays an integral part. There is a good scope for students who are from B.pharma, M.pharma, and other streams of life sciences. In this field, the scope of job is much secured for freshers if they are well trained in their subject matter. The expertise in subject matter is must to understand the basics of research and drafting.

Other programmes which can spark the interest in you to pursue it further are :

Pharma Nanotechnology : Nanotechnology being the emerging field in the science plays a major role in enhancing efficacy of the treatment provided. When Pharma is combined with Nanotechnology, it certainly opens the door of research field along with companies associated with this technology.

Healthcare Programmes : Health Informatics Specialist, Healthcare Administrator, Epidemiologist etc. are the few positions which are offered after completion of this course. Lucrative career path is paved if pursued with proper training.

Nutrition and Dietetics Programmes : To pursue this as a career, initially, this may be a low paying job. But once you have the exposure and gained experience, there is a lot of scope and you may earn quite well and travel abroad as well. As a career, hospitals, hotels, cruise lines, nursing homes and government health departments recruit nutrition and dietetics professionals on a good salary for in-house facilities; or you can always opt for free-lancing after certain period of time.

Medical Coding Programmes : Eligibility to pursue this course is life-science graduate, however, one can work being from a non-medical background with the completion of a certification. A certification in medical coding trains a candidate on various skill sets required to become a qualified coder.

Food Programmes : Food Technology deals with a mixture of chemical, physical or microbiological techniques and processes for altering raw ingredients into food and also other forms in food processing industry.

Medical Devices related programmes : When pursued biomedical engineering or biotechnology subjects, then the door of working with companies associated with medical devices will also open. Lots of innovations are being done in the medical devices field, which further broadens the scope of work.

Other areas with ample career opportunities are Cosmetic Technology, Drug Discovery, Big Data Analytics Regulatory Affairs, Computer System Validation, Medical Records, Health Insurance, Health Safety and Environment Pharmaceutical Process Engineering & Technology Transfer.

There you go…… Hope you guys have got the insight on the numerous programmes  which are offered presently for the Pharma, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biology students to pursue apart from being a Doctor. You have a bright future ahead. Do your best in your chosen career and you’ll soon reap the benefits of your hard work.

IGMPI has all the above options with career assistance, where the professionals having years of experience teach the programmes in detail to the enrolled students. IGMPI has online teaching mode as well, where students like you can register in their programmes and can have access to the online learning management system (LMS) for the respective option. You can have classroom or distance e-learning mode to complete the course.

What are you waiting for? Get enrolled in one of the above courses offered by IGMPI and have your foot step in the industry after the completion of their PG Diploma and Certification course.

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