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Career as Production Incharge, Quality Control Incharge in GSFDSL

Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation Ltd. urgently requires at for its Ayurvedic Formlations Manufucturing Unit "DHANVANTRI" at GIDC, Ramagamdi, Por, Dist.Vadodara.

Walk in for experience candidates in QC, Production, Packaging department @ Sun Pharma | Require B.Pharm, M.Pharm, D.Pharm, B.Sc, M.Sc

Sun Pharma ranks amongst India's largest pharma companies We’ve built a reputation for speciality therapy leadership and faster- than-industry growth over the last 30 years. From a modest beginning with five people, our team today exceeds 13,000 and growing, put manufacturing base now spans 25 sites across the world. With a market cap of over $ 16 billion, we’re also India’s most valued pharma brand. To keep pace with our growth plans, we require for our Formulation manufacturing plant at Halo! (Near Baroda):

Job for B.Pharm, B.Sc as Area manager in Leading for Pharma Company | Nextus Solution

A renowned name, NEXTUS SOLUTIONS is a professionally managed organization engaged in offering highly acclaimed consultancy, Training and Placement. With our in- depth expertise and rich experience in the wide range of fields in India and abroad, we adopt a systematic and straightforward approach with every assignment of work we undertake. The effectiveness of our systematic and results-focused approach is reflected in our many long-term client relationships.
Leading for Pharma Company


Gazi Juned M.*1, Javia A.R1, Sheth A.K1, Sachinkumar P. Chauhan, Nirmal Shah
1Department of Pharmacy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University,
At & Po Pipariya, Ta.- Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara-391760.
(Gujarat) India

Raloxifene is a second genaration selective estrogen receptor modulator used to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. which is insoluble in water and half life is 27.7 hr. it has estrogen effect on bone and cholesterol metabolism but behaves as a complete estrogen antagonist on mammary gland and uterine tissue. raloxifene needs enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate to improve its oral bipavailability and therapeutic efficasy. among  the various approaches to enhance solubility and dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs complexation with cyclodextrine is an effective and indutrially accepted technique. In the present  investigation complexation of raloxifene with β-CD was carried out by using various technique like physical blending method, kneading method, solvent evaporation method and co-precipitation method. From the various characterization studies like solubility determination, drug content determination, production yield & in vitro dissolution study, it was observed that there was a significant rise in the aqueous solubility and dissolution rate of the raloxifene from the β-cd incusion complex. from the result of statistical analysis, batch RLX-6 by kneading method was found to be optimised batch, because of the maximum enhancement in solubility and rate of dissolution.  Optimised batch was also studied for compatibility by FTIR studies, and also it was found to be stable for the period of 90 days as per the ICH guidelines.

Job for Ayurvedic Pharmacist in GSFDSL

The National Agriculture Commission (NAC) recommended establishment of Forest Development Corporations in each State to accelerate progress and development of forestry sector. Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation Limited ( GSFDC ) was established in August 1976 and registered under the Companies Act 1956.
In 1979 the Minor Forest Produce (MFP) trade came to be nationalized in Gujarat. The Corporation was entrusted with the task of its execution. This meant translating on the ground the State Policy of protecting economic interest of STs, SCs and other weaker sections, while justifying its corporate status. This corporation gets no grants and budgetary support from the Government.


Hitesh Jain*1,  Parva Jani1, Khushboo Patel1, Priti Yadav1, Kaenat Sindhi1, T.Y Pasha2
Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Baroda, Gujarat, India.
Parul Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Baroda, Gujarat, India


One of the ways to market a new product is to change the old product. The rapid decline in consumption of the eggs over the last 50 year is one of the most challenging problems the industry is facing today. The high cholesterol content in eggs is a major contributing factor. This problem can be minimized by using designer eggs. This review article throws light on what a designer egg is all about and how it can be obtained, the advantages of designer egg over simple egg. Besides designer egg, this article also provides information about the specialty egg and fertile eggs. Designer eggs are those in which the content has been modified from standard egg. The content of the chicken egg can be changed in such a ways as to be more healthful. This designer egg is free from all negative factors and prepared by changing the diet of chicken or manipulating the immune system of laying chickens. Thus, Designer eggs are essentially an ideal food and vitamin supplemented product which offers the benefits like reduced cholesterol content, high unsaturated fatty acids, ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, cardiac benefits, etc.

Vacancies for GM (QC/QA); Manager/Asst. Manager (QC/QA) at Comed - High Exp require

Comed was in 1986, when a team of experienced and energetic Pharma professionals decided to go big and to do something different and better than routine. A seed was sown: a beginning was made. These young, dynamic and experienced future leaders chose Baroda (Now called Vadodara), the Educational and Pharma capital of Gujarat (Western India) as their base, a choice which itself proved to be big contributing factor for growth.

Post: GM (QC/QA); Manager/Asst. Manager (QC/QA)

Job as Marketing Representive and Sales Executives in Devita Healthcare - 8 posts

DEVITA HEALTHCARE, our company has started marketing in respected gujarat. our company has long vision and long goal to established good market. we believe in making relationship.
Currently we have vacancies in diabetic and cardiac segment.

Post: Marketing Representive and Sales Executives - 8 candidate required


Sharma Devendra L.*1, Dr. A.K.Seth1, Nirmal Shah1, Sachinkumar P Chauhan, Chintan Aundhia
1Department of Pharmacy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University,
At & Po Pipariya, Ta.- Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara-391760.
(Gujarat) India

The main purpose of this work was to develope a topical emulgel formulation of Aceclofenac. Aceclofenac drug loaded formulation with Tween 80 as surfactant and PEG 400 as co-surfactant was developed  for topical application. Phase behavior and solubilization capacity of microemulsion system were characterized. Pseudo ternary phase diagram were developed by taking different concentration of Tween 80 and PEG 400 and the surfactant mixture containing tween 80 and PEG 400 ratio of (4:1) shows maximum amount of water. With the increase of tween 80 concentration, microemulsion region area and the amount of water and oil solubilsed into the microemulsion system increases, however increase of PEG 400 concentration produce opposite effects. The micromulsion system was also investigated in terms of other characterstics such as particle size, zeta potential, dilution test, centrifugation, conductivity, pH measurement, viscosity, % assay and % transmittance. Aceclofenac, poorly water soluble drug displayed high solubility in a microemulsion formulation using Capmul MCM oil (2.5%), Surfactant mixture (45%) and water (52.5%). The prepared micromulsion formulation was converted into gel form using carbopol 934 (1.5%) known as aceclofenac loaded topical Emulgel. The  ex-vivo study were performed and compared with marketed available gel.

Free Coaching Class for PG-CET at Parul Institute of Pharmacy

“Parul group of Institutes” is a multidisciplinary hub of 19 self financed institutions with more than 15000 students and a thousand eminent faculty members.
We work with a vision of providing a horizon less sky of knowledge and excellence and strive hard to build a rewarding future for our students. The team of Parul Group is united by a common desire to work towards advancement of our nation & boost its economy through development of dynamic & industrious work-professionals. Our mission is to groom enlightened technocrats, leaders and generate the ideas that provide solutions to our most challenging socio-economic problems.