Multiple vacancies in Multani Research Foundation | Require QA Officers, QA Manager, Microbiologists, F&D Scientists, Analytical Scientists - Fresher may also apply

Multani Research Foundation was established with an objective to develop & deliver best Quality Drugs affordable by needed ones based on scientific rationale and knowledge of Ayurveda. To meet its expansion plan in the area of new range of FMCG and Herbal Drugs development required following personnel.

Vacancies @ Aurobindo Pharma as Manager-CQA, GM-F&D, Manager Production, Manager-QA, QC Manager

Aurobindo Pharma had gone public in 1995 by listing its shares in various stock exchanges in the country. The company is the market leader in semi-synthetic penicillin drugs. It has a presence in key therapeutic segments like SSPs, cephalosporins, antivirals, CNS, cardio-vascular, gastroenterology, etc.

Work as Sr.Research Fellow –Formulation Sterile/Injection products at Emcure

Emcure are fortunate to have a very passionate and talented team. Emcure is committed to emerge as the most preferred employer. We have conducted several training programs and also taken policy decisions towards creating a better work life balance for our people. One of our strengths has been our decentralized approach to managing the business, which is a tremendous magnet for talent – this approach gives people room to grow and room to explore new ideas, thus developing their own skills and careers.


About Authors:
*Sunil kumar, Amit kumar shahi, Ravi shanker, R. singh, Dr. R. ParthSarthy, Dr S.K. Prajapati
Kamla Nehru institute of technology and management, Sultanpur.
Bundelkhand university, Department of pharmacy, Jhansi


The purpose of this research is to design proniosomal powder drug delivery system of flurbiprofen in a trial to overcome the adverse effects associated with oral administration of the drug. Conventional chemotherapy for the treatment of intracellular infection is no more effective due to limited permeation of drug into cell. This can be overcome by the use of vesicular drug delivery system. Encapsulation of a drug in vesicular structure can be predicted to prolong the existence of the drug in the systemic circulation and thus enhance penetration into target tissue and reduce toxicity.Proniosomal powder are generally present in transparent, translucent or white texture, which makes them physically stable during storage and transport. Due to the limited solvent system present, the proniosomes formed were the mixture of many phases of liquid crystal, viz. lamellar, hexagonal and cubic phase liquid crystals.The potential of proniosomes as a transdermal drug delivery system for flurbiprofenwas investigated by encapsulating the drug in various formulations of proniosomal powder composed of various ratios of sorbitan fatty acid esters, cholesterol, prepared by slurry method. The formulated systems were characterized in vitro for size, vesicle count, drug entrapment, drug release profiles and vesicular stability at different storage conditions. Stability studies for proniosomal powder were carried out for 4 weeks. The method of proniosome loading resulted in an encapsulation yield of 30.6 – 75.4%. Proniosomes were characterised by transmission electron microscopy. In vitro studies showed prolonged release of entrapped flurbiprofen. At refrigerated conditions, higher drug retention was observed. It is evident from this study that proniosomes are a promising prolonged delivery system for captopril and have reasonably good stability characteristics.

Work as Senior Research Scientist - Formulation & Development in Cadila Pharma

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies has presence in 90 countries across the globe catering to over 45 therapeutic areas. The company has one of the best R&D setup in India which forms the backbone of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and abroad, approved by various regulatory authorities including USFDA, MHRA (UK).

Job in AKUMS Drugs & Pharma | Require Trainee / Assistant Officer / Officer - QC, Manager QA, Research Scientist-AR&D, Executive in DRA, IPR, packaging development

AKUMS DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS LTD is one of the most innovative, productive and research based pioneer organization of India having its registered office at Delhi and various plants in Haridwar, Uttrakhand giving employment to more than 2000

Spansules Pharmatech looking for Manager - QA (Formulations)

Spansules was established in the year 2000 and commenced commercial manufacturing of Pre-formulation Pharmaceuticals at Hyderabad. Today Spansules has a manufacturing facility within the premises of Pharmaceuticals hub of Hyderabad . The facility was equipped with sophisticated equipments like, fluidized bed coater, Extruders, Spheronisers etc.