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About Author:
Mr. Jagmohan Rai Agarwal,
M.Pharm (1968), Industrial experience SSI sector, nearly 37 years,
retired from own Industry (2004),
Founder President of M.P.Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (MPGA),
Ex President: M.P.Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Organisation (MPPMO),
Founder President : M.P. Small Scale Drug Manufacturers’ Association (MPSDMA),
Ex President Indian Pharmaceutical Association, M.P. State Branch, Indore (IPA),
Ex Vice Chairman Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries (SSI) (CIPI)
Recently submitted thesis for award of  Ph.D. on title “Enforcement of Drug Laws-Globalization vis-à-vis Indian Drug Laws”


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About Authors:
Amit Jain*, Sandesh Jain, A.G. Hariharan, C.K. Sudhakar, Sanjay Jain
Department of Pharmaceutics,
Smriti College of pharmaceutical education, Indore-452001,
Madhya Pradesh, India


The present investigation deals with development of mucoadhesive thermosensitive pluronic lecithin organogel of clotrimazole for vaginal candidasis. To develop more effective treatment for vaginal candidasis, clotrimazole (CT) was formulated as pluronic lecithin organogels (PLOs). Several PLOs formulations composed of clotrimazole (1%) using the thermosensitive polymer Pluronic® F127, Soya lecithin with the mucoadhesive polymer Carbopol 934. Spreadibility, rheological behavior, drug content (%), mucoadhesive force, gelling capacity and in-vitro release profiles of the different formulations were determined. In vitro, sustained release of CT from PLOs was observed. In vivo antifungal activity of CT, tested against Candida albicans vaginitis in agar plate, was significantly prolonged after vaginal delivery using PLOs. These results indicate that CT-containing vaginal PLOs safe, convenient, and effective treatment of vaginal candidasis with reduced dosing interval.

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About Author:
Mr. Jagmohan Rai Agarwal,
M.Pharm (1968), Industrial experience SSI sector, nearly 37 years, retired from own Industry,
Founder President of M.P.Pharmacy Graduates’ Association,
President: M.P.Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Organisation,
Founder President : M.P. Small Scale Drug Manufacturers’ Association,
President Indian Pharmaceutical Association, M.P. State Branch, Indore,
Recently submitted thesis for award of  Ph.D. on title “Enforcement of Drug Laws-Globalization vis-à-vis Indian Drug Laws”

Quality of Pharmaceuticals has been a concern of the World Health Organisation (WHO) since its inception. The setting of global standards is requested in Article 2 of the WHO constitution which sites as one of the organisation’s functions that it should develop, establish and promote International standards with respect to food, biological, pharmaceuticals and similar products.

Campbell (US FDA) was the first leading architect of the present Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act passed in 1938. He differed sharply with ‘Willey’ in his belief that Court proceedings were not the only proper way to secure compliance.

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Cipla known for its innovative pharmaceutical products backed by latest in technology and creative marketing practices, is enjoying a commanding position among the top pharma companies in the country.
Several specialised therapeutic divisions and promising new products have been launched and many more are in the pipeline.

Post: QC Executives / chemists/ managers

Burning issue - Present status of Pharmaceutical Industries

“Recent acquisition of Indian generic drug companies by MNCs has increased fears that the price of low-cost generic drugs will rise in India. The buy-outs will reduce domestic availability of many essential medicines; point out an internal assessment of the health ministry, Government of India. It is ironic that despite India supplying quality generic drugs around the world, the country has concerns about sufficient domestic drug supply and vaccines security. With the increasing acquisition of Indian companies by overseas drug corporations, there is a pressing need to rethink India’s drug strategy”. This statement was released by government of India before few months. Now what global honchos think about India?

Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Soft Jelly Containing Metformin Hydrochloride and Glimepiride

About Authors:
D.K Jain*, G.N Darwhekar, Vikas Gupta
College of Pharmacy, IPS Academy
Indore (M.P)-452012, India

Convenience of administration and patient compliance are gaining significant importance in the design of dosage forms. Metformin hydrochloride and Glimepiride are orally administered antihyperglycemic agent, used in the management of non-insulin-dependent (type-2) diabetes mellitus. Difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) is common among all age groups, especially in elderly and pediatrics. Unfortunately, a high percentage of patients suffering from type-2 diabetes are elderly people showing dysphagia. Persons suffering from dysphagia may get choked when they consume liquid formulation, thus to alleviate such problem liquid formulation of high viscosity was prepared. Formulation of oral soft jellies  was carried out using combination of hydrophilic polymers guar gum and pectin. 3 different  concentrations of guar gum (0.3 to 0.5% w/v)  and 2 concentration of pectin were used (0.2 to 0.3% w/v)  respectively. The prepared batches were evaluated for appearance, viscosity, pH, drug content, syneresis, in vitro drug release, and taste masking. The batch with 0.5% w/v guar gum and 0.2% pectin not only showed 80% drug release at 60 min, but all the desired organoleptic properties. The taste masking was carried out using non nutritive sugar and flavors. The optimized batch showed substantial stability when subjected to short term stability study (0-8°C and Room temperature). The problem of dose measurement by patients was outweighed as oral medicated gels are to be packed in unit dose container.

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Parenteral Drugs (India) Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing healthcare company, that has constantly followed a path created by its own will, hard work and determination. PDPL is involved in research, production and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products viz. intravenous infusion, tablets, capsules, liquids syrups, injections etc. Established in the year 1983, PDPL has dedicated itself to the manufacturing of the best quality vital life saving drugs at the lowest possible cost.

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Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the U.S. wholly owned subsidiary of Lupin Limited, which is among the top six pharmaceutical companies in India. Through our sales and marketing headquarters in Baltimore, MD, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is dedicated to delivering high-quality, branded and generic medications trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies.

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