Fragrance (Perfume) in Cosmetics

Vinay Kumar Singh.
Chief Research Officer
Parammount Cosmetics India Limited,
Bangalor, Karnataka

Fragrances are complex combinations of natural and/or man-made substances that are added to many consumer products to give them a distinctive smell. Perfume (Fragrance)  is a mixture of  essential oils or aroma compounds, used to give the human body "a pleasant scent".

Essential oil

Vinay Kumar Singh

Chief Research Officer,
Paramount Cosmetics India,
Bangalore, Karnataka

Essential oils, or aromatic oils as they were once called, have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries for Cosmetics as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties.

A Day in the Life of a Clinical Research Coordinator

I reached the hospital today at 8:35 am sharp.

The reason for reaching so early, you ask? Wait, let me narrate the eventful day I had today...

Early in the morning, at 5:22 am, my phone started ringing frantically. First I thought that it was my usual morning alarm and chose to ignore it, but the phone just wouldn’t stop. I jumped out of my bed to answer the call.

How cranberries can decrease use of antibiotics?

  • Posted on: 15 June 2016
  • By: Gayatri Mahajan

Today leading experts on infectious disease and urinary tract infections (UTIs) will gather in London to discuss the alarming state of antibiotic resistance, and present findings from a landmark study that conclusively shows that cranberries can be a nutritional approach to reducing symptomatic UTIs, and as a result, may be a useful strategy to decrease worldwide use of antibiotics.


Large numbers of drugs are banned by most of European countries but still they are easily available in Indian market. Long term use of such medicines can put negative impact on human health in various ways by damaging liver or any other organ, depression, blood pressure fluctuations etc. A ban is needed to protect the public’s health and the quality of health care. A ban will require self-examination by the public, health care professions, PhRMA, and the health care policy community.