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Incoming events expectations may shape infants' developing Brains

A new research conducted at the University of British Columbia shows that infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains. The research published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Glenmark introduce third generation oral anti diabetic agent Teneligliptin priced at Rs. 19.90 per tab

In India Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has now introduced its new third generation oral anti diabetic agent Teneligliptin for type-2 diabetes  at an affordable price of Rs. 19.90 per tablet. The first pan India launch of Teneligliptin under two brands: Ziten and Zita Plus took place in Bengaluru. The molecule gliptin comes under the category of DPP-4 inhibitors, which is backed by scientific data as being safe, well tolerated, weight neutral with low risk of hypoglycemia.

Remembering Dr Suniti Solomon, a Pioneer in India’s HIV Response

(Business Wire India); Dr Suniti Solomon, the Founding Director of YRG CARE and a board member of India HIV/AIDS Alliance passed away peacefully this morning in Chennai.

Allergan to acquire Naurex

Allergan plc, a leading global pharmaceutical company, and Naurex Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing transformative therapies for challenging disorders of the central nervous system, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Allergan will acquire Naurex in an all-cash transaction. Under the terms of the agreement, Allergan will acquire Naurex for a $560 million upfront payment net of cash acquired, $460 million of which is payable upon the closing of the acquisition and $100 million of which is payable by January of 2016 (or upon the closing if the closing has not occurred by such time), as well as potential R&D success-based and sales-threshold milestone payments. The Company remains committed to de-leveraging to below 3.5x debt-to-EBITDA by the end of the first quarter of 2016.

Spikes in Cosmic Rays from the Sun may cause Congenital Birth Defects on Earth

Spikes in cosmic rays from the sun may cause congenital birth defects on Earth, new research said. However, the new NASA-funded investigation, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, found that radiation from solar events is too weak to cause worry at ground level.

Schistosomiasis Can be prevented by freshwater prawns

Schistosomiasis has been found to cause anemia, stunted growth, infertility, liver failure, bladder cancer and lasting cognitive impairment, according to a recent study. Schistosomiasis, a deadly parasitic disease, can be prevented by freshwater prawns. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Disability Among People Suffering From Chronic Pain depend on alcohol consumption

A new research shows that moderate drinking may lower the disability risk among those suffering from the condition. The paper appeared in the journal Arthritis Care & Research.

Better Work Area May Reduce Mental Health Sick Leave

A new research has suggested that high job demands combined with low levels of social support at work put employees, especially women, at an increased risk of sick leave due to mental disorders.

Lupin acquired Germany based Temmler Pharma

Pharma Major Lupin Limited (Lupin) has entered into a strategic asset purchase agreement with TEMMLER PHARMA GMBH & CO. KG (Temmler), a part of the Aenova Group, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, to acquire Temmler's specialty product portfolio subject to certain closing conditions.

Scientist observed forced eating not good to children, Kids

Parents who force their kids to finish everything served to them may be doing more harm than good, as new research said. In order to promote the development of normal eating behavior, it is important for children to decide how much they want to eat. The findings published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology