About Author:
Balbir Singh Negi
GM Regulatory Affairs
SHAH TC Overseas Private Limited, Delhi, INDIA
22 years of industrial Exp,
M.Sc, MBA, Doctor of Science

The usage of solvents in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and coating plants are very common in pharmaceutical industry. The organic solvents are mostly used in washing of product, cleaning of equipments and the reaction media for separation and purification. The cost reduction of the API products can be reduced by the distillation of mother liquor after establishing of yield in R &D, pilot plant and then in the commercial plant, the next process step is validation, done with fresh solvent of three consecutive batches and then done with three consecutive batches of recovered solvents from mother liquor. The product cost is mainly reduced by the distillation of product mother liquor or to do more research to reduce the quantity of solvent or manufacturing process without solvent.

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About Author:
Mr. Jagmohan Rai Agarwal,
M.Pharm (1968), Industrial experience SSI sector, nearly 37 years,

retired from own Industry (2004),
Founder President of M.P.Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (MPGA),
Ex President: M.P.Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Organisation (MPPMO),
Founder President : M.P. Small Scale Drug Manufacturers’ Association (MPSDMA),
Ex President Indian Pharmaceutical Association, M.P. State Branch, Indore (IPA),
Ex Vice Chairman Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industries (SSI) (CIPI)
Recently submitted thesis for award of  Ph.D. on title “Enforcement of Drug Laws-Globalization vis-à-vis Indian Drug Laws”


Crystallization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Article By,
Balbir Negi
GM Regulatory Affairs
SHAH TC Overseas Private Limited, Delhi, INDIA
22 years of industrial Exp,
M.Sc, MBA, Doctor of Science

Crystallization has the vital role in the pharmaceutical industry as it is started from intermediates separation process and the final manufacture step as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
Crystallization is a key component of almost all processes in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Whether for purification of intermediates, formation of the product, or prevention of crystallization in amorphous products, crystallization is essential in both processing and development.

Crystallization can be natural or artificial process of formation of solid crystalsprecipitating from a solutionmelts or more rarely deposited directly from a gas.