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Scope for after Business development course in Clinical research

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I am a B.Sc Chemistry graduate 2001 passout and MBA Marketing post-grad 2003 passout.I have experience in Marketing.I am doing a online course in Business development in Clinical research.I want to ask what sort of salary I can expect after completing the course.Will I have to start as a fresher and what about the job scenario?Are the jobs readily available?

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Hi, Counting your experience,


Counting your experience, depends on exact opening in CR. Means for which role they are hiring you. If they are hiring for same work which you did in past, then your experience may taken in account. Otherwise you have to start as fresher.

Again salary is depend on for what role and for what post, they are hiring you. But you will have lucrative package that per sure.

See, jobs are readily available in field of marketing only the thing is, you have to approach to industries.

Best of Luck!

Feel free to post more.

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