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Gpat qualified with stipend should do mpharm???

Hello friends,
I am Gpat qualified and may get stipend for mpharm still few people are telling me to leave this profession!!! what should I do!!!
plz give me your views!!
thank you

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Future after M.Pharm

I just want to say,I also did M.Pharm with many publication in various journals but now what I found it is totally worthless. M.Pharm course has lost its value, but 2 years before it seems lucrative, we even cant say what would happen after two more years, it would be better to complete your course whatever you are doing with full faith but dont advice others to enter this field until and unless the scenario will be changed. I believe, it will be changed.

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pharmacy is nothing now a days, pay fees in lacks for the whole course and get salary of 6000 or no job. doctors in good position and guys in good position then why m.pharm guys are hanging? na toh ghar ke na ghat ke..................

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Guidance to pharmacy graduates by Dr B P Panda Jamia Hamdard

Dear students/ Parents 
Everybody tries to join in Pharmaceutics/ Pharmacology/ pharm. chem. /Pharmacognosy in college or in university 
 But true is that these old branches are fully saturated and I do not think that the students who are joined and going to join in these old and out dated subjects /branch will get good jobs in future.
Therefore I suggest go for new and upcoming  pharmacy branches like Pharmaceutical Biotech, pharmacy practice, quality assurance, DRA and pharmaceutical analysis,  In top ranking university like Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi.
Do not join in new college/private university by seeing only fees, look for good teachers, good research and good lab so that you will get benefit and good job with higher pay.
Since I am teaching Pharmaceutical Biotech at Jamia Hamdard, I know the scope especially in pharmaceutical biotech, the scope is bright and sky is the limit if you work hard and do good research during your M. Pharm. course 
If you need more information visit my lab at Jamia Hamdard to believe it. And interact with my PhD students.
The last date for online application for M. Pharm at Jamia Hamdard is 25/5/2014
Dr Bibhu Prasad Panda (M. Pharm, PhD)
Assistant professor (Pharmaceutical Biotech)
Jamia Hamdard 
New Delhi 110062

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Harsimran kaur (not verified)
hi i have taken admission in

hi i have taken admission in b.pharma in punjab university ..... and also taken admission in pgi nursing ... i am confused between two c can u suggest something

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jello i have taken admission

jello i have taken admission in b. pharma punjab university and also in pgi nursing ...... what should i go for plz help

amit (not verified)
about pharma industry

Thouse who wants join pharma industry and thinks after join pharma industry your life better but my friend pharma like hell i m officer in pharma. I feel very stressed my company environment very negative seniors Also rude very pressured job and hectic working hours audit comes every month.choti choti baayo ka batangad ho jaata he like dust signeture and many more thing and job security in pharma 0% kab aap ek sighn karna bhul jao our aapko bahar nikal de
Isliye jo bhi pharma me ya pharma related course start kar rahe he please don't come in pharma industry isse acha aap koi dusra career try karo


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