Pharmacy as profession

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Pharmacy as profession

Pharma courses

Pharma Admission

pharma courses

pharma admission

pharmacy is one of the most respected profession.But unfortunately in india this is not regared as same,while looking of the syllabus and study of 4 yeras degree it looks really as non ideal for anyone where you have to read and understand what the exactly this topic means..and so on.

Here from this wonderful site which has really shown something for pharma professional, i would only ask to our respected members that whatever is been doing for this profession, is that enough? Is their something that can rise this profession?
if yes,then when? time to think....and act...

thanking you all


Anonymous (not verified)

i am m.pharma pharmaceutics
i feel very bad when i think about the pharmacy carrier
b.pharm & M.pharm fees are very expensive approx 10-12 lakh
but there is no worth. industry didnot provide 12 thousand to M.pharm candidates. suggest and aware what we do to.

thanking you
with regards
Abdul Hafeez

Anonymous (not verified)
rise in the number of

rise in the number of colleges may be one of the reason
inspite of the talent mainly reference is coming into play

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we our self have spoiled our

we our self have spoiled our sector today there is no secure position for pharma graduates they are treated same as BSC Or diploma

Anonymous (not verified)
we our self have spoiled our

we our self have spoiled our sector today there is no secure position for pharma graduates they are treated same as BSC Or diploma

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Pharmacy as profession

I know ...not much scope for people who did only graduation in pharmacy. To get entry into large good companies and has to do either phd or join academia if you can't make it to the corporate world. Climbing the corporate ladder can never be so easy afterall!:-)
No chances for Retail pharmacist to be paid well and no opportunities as Hospital/Clinical Pharmacist too! Only higher qualification can solve the problems we face in this profession. Otherwise if you see elsewhere in the world, Retail and Hospital pharmacists are being paid equivalent to engr/doctor.
In development in these areas and no hope too! Our Govt. doesn't get enough time out..what it will do for a particular profession like Pharmacy which affects the health of the people of it's nation!

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y cant v go legally...coz as per D and C act 1948 pharmacist is sole rspnsbl prsn for dspnsng in pharmacies which is not hpng. It is the basic issue if it is rslvd v can rslv other issues. If this happens v get respect as well as good pay. One of my snr pst frnd has solution for this.
for more info contact

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Hello everybody i just

Hello everybody i just recently completed my m.pharm pharmaceutics and started searching for job. I accept ur words, So what i mean to say is there is much scope to improve pharmacy profession and to grow what we need to do is to do our best which ever field we go. Salary is one minus point in our field and the people who has reference can grow easily, by prasanth.

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its true, there is less

its true, there is less corelation between the 4 year syllabus of pharmacy and the actual work that is offered in industry.Its diversified and also non-specific.

so only degree wont help to get decent job. i have done m.pharm from one of the top pharmacy college of country and one core thing i want to share is to be ready to learn and be flexible. industry demands patience and your ability to survive.


No job for handicapped persons in our Industry

Myself Chirag Shah, I am a Handicapped person. I had completed my M.Pharma in QA 2 years ago. I got Distinction in my last semister, although I have good grades in my whole career I still not get job In Pharma Industry. All Pharma Industry like govt. or privates both have reserved quota for people like me but they do not accept us. In interviews also they asked some sally question which I think they should not ask for any handicapped person if his/her qualification acceptable than. So, I think that pharma field is the worst field that I had selected for my career. I also suggest for those who have any kind of disability than don't go this bio-medical streams because they don't accept us. 

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