Why the Pharmacy Education and Profession in India demands still more sacrifice, hard works .........part-2

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Why the Pharmacy Education and Profession in India demands still more sacrifice, hard works .........part-2

Pharma courses

Pharma Admission

pharma courses

pharma admission

Here few more points in continuation of our previous article:

  •   The starting pay scale of pharmacist in health care as well in industry must be revised in a respectable level.
  •     The practice in pharmacy is much concern aspect now a days, after doing M.Pharm in pharmacy practice/clinical pharmacy, there is no such exposure in health care system and now on the basis if US and UK, PCI had also introduced new course i.e. Pharm.D and Pharm.D(Post-Baccalaureates) and there 1st batch had passed out but they have not  given the chance for which course is introduced i.e.-

· Evaluation of prescriptions for chance of any types of    interaction.

·  Suggestion to doctors about right dose regimen.

·  Information about newer drugs.

·  Patient counseling.

  If this pharmacy practice is actually introduced in every public and private hospital then health care of patient is uplifted and the pharmacy profession is recognized by community.



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Fees charged by RUHS for Pharma Vacancies in Rajasthan

Sir, here i would like to add few things,
now there are vacancies in Rajasthan for hospital pharmacist and drug controllers but the problem is RUHS is conducting the exam and charging Rs. 1800 and 5000 resp. Is it fair in the name of an online exam? other states also having such vacancies like Andhra Pradesh And Maharashtra but the charges are one tenth. after that the pay for two years ( probation) is just Rs.10000/-month. How can we survive in the current situations. please raise this issue of Fees.

Koyal Saini

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