Future of Pharmaceutical sales Representative

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Future of Pharmaceutical sales Representative

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Dear Sir,What is the future prospectus of Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in india because govt distribute free medicines and follow to use Generic medicine in many state like Rajasthan and others also.
So,I want to know the future of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.is secure or not due to this type of activity day by day by govt of india.


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Hi,Before focusing on your


Before focusing on your question, we will discuss in brief on - What is the role of Sales Representative or MR ?
Sales Representative is responsible for selling by meeting doctors and also responsible for creating relationship with whole sellers and chemists. There are other responsibilities too...

So until and unless Doctors will prescribe your companies brand in prescription, Chemist will provide the same to customers or patients. Normally chemists do not replace the brands. And there is tough competition in market for generating Rx.
So company will require Sales Representatives till that time to convince the doctors and chemists for writing and providing their brands respectively.

Those who are working with foreign MNCs have most wonderful opportunities in future. There may be an issue if only research molecules available in market. But that is just like a dream which disappears as we wake up !

Future of Medical Representatives

I think the existence of pharma sales representative is not going away. Maybe the only thing that has to change is how they sell. Before Pharmaceutical sales workforce as to be mass marketing but now it is shifted to target market approach to increase ROI.
And analyst believe that there is a bright future for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

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