Can I join IIT BHU after GPAT

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Can I join IIT BHU after GPAT

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Now I have compIeted 3rd B.Pharm..And I will be completed B.Pharm on Aug 2017.

If I attend the GPAT 2017 feb, Can I join IIT BHU on 2017 batch?

I am from Tamilnadu MGR university,

- Prabhu





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I am not sure whether you are

I am not sure whether you are aware or not but it is important for you to know that GPAT's Scorecard is valid for one year only and 3rd year B.Pharm student should not appear for GPAT. Only final year B.Pharm students are recommended to appear for GPAT.

M.Pharm admission in IIT BHU is take place around April month. As your B.Pharm will complete in August 2017, then you will not appear for admission of 2017/18 batch @ IIT BHU.

Also to take admission in IIT BHU, you should have secured a minimum of  60% marks / 6.0 CPI (on a 10.0 point scale) in the B.Pharm with GPAT.

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