Want to switch job to Clinical operations / PVG

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Want to switch job to Clinical operations / PVG

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Hi everyone,

I am a B.pharma + MBA (Regular) working with a CRO as Business development Executive for last 1year 3 months.
I am seriously interested in switching to Clinical Ops or PVG

as being a pharmacist working in a CRO the technical jobs over there always make me think of getting back to the core. I thought initially that may be my job profile is not good in this company and may be I will get over with this notion if i change company so I changed the company about a month ago but after a month I am feeling that no the technical job is the only resort.

Please help me!!! should I do some clincal Research course first and then try to change or my experience in CRO would be enough as I familiar with most of the things.


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Want to switch job to Clinical operations / PVG /

I think you should use your connections within the current organization to switch over to CR. No need to do a special course in CR, since companies themselves provide training. Just go through ICH-GCP E6 guidelines, schedule Y of Drug and Cosmetics Act in India, FDA guidelines (USA). Following are the links



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