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Anonymous (not verified)
pharmacovigilance prospect

GPAT courses

Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

Hi all,

I am from Pharmaceutical background and now am thinking to take Clinical research (pharmacovigilance) course for 2months in hyderabad from Gratisol labs.

Before that,can anyone please help me in getting the reputation of the institution(placemnt assistance).

Is there anyone from that institute and also let me know about the prospects of Pharmacovigilance.

What type of job role and entry level salary scale I could expect afer successful placement.

Thanks in advance


Anonymous (not verified)
Hai this is murthy

My name is murthy. I also did clinical research and pharmacovigilance from an institute in hyderabad. I have completed that course one year ago and till i didnt a job in this feild. Doing for 2 months is useless. If possible study in a university for 1 or 2 years. Please dont invest on institues who tell the course within 2 months.

naren01 (not verified)
clinical research and pharmacovigilance

Hai murali,

How are you,

I have seen ur posting.I understanded your situation.I dont know much about clinical research and data management.But i know pharmacovigilance.If you are really interested to get the job in this field please call me.I will help you in this field.


Anonymous (not verified)
PV prospect

Hi Murthy,

I completely agree with you,although I have done any such courses. This courses are effective in getting you job. Even if you get it your pay scale may not be different from the plane B.pharma.

Prospect of PV (pharmacovigilance)is good. I am myself working in PV as safety processing expert for one of the top multinational company.

If you want I, can assist you in getting job in Mumbai,Pune or Hyderabad.

Anonymous (not verified)
Worth less

Worth Less by that Institution in Hyderabad.

Anonymous (not verified)

they are offering courses and 100 % written job guarantee
fee is 1.25 lakhs
if v are not able to pay the fee,,they wil provide hdfc bank loan and they themselves wil pay emi until v get a job
am not sure,,,jus enquire abt them
rather than joining courses in some othetr institutions wr job guarantee is nt thr,,,,v can go for cr bridge right

Anonymous (not verified)
can u pls provide its

can u pls provide its official website.. n cn i hv ur contact num n mail id plsssssssss

Anonymous (not verified)
Clinical Research

Hello Frnds...

Any one can plz help me out for getting a job in Clinical research Industry for CDM, Phv or anything.....I have completed my B.Pharm and then 6 mnths part time course in CR but no use for getting job.....what to do ?

Nitin Yewale

CDM or PV Jobs

Hi Nitin,

Currently I am working as safety processing expert in PV, Mumbai.If you are really interested kindly contact me. I will help you out if there is any openig in our organisation.


sahiti (not verified)
pv jobs

Is there anyone to help me out in finding a PV job as fresher.I have been really worrying whether I could find a job in the filed am mostly interested in as I couldn't see any job postings in PV for fresher.
thanks in advance

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