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Reply: career after completion of mpharm pharmacology

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pharma courses

pharma courses

At the present scenario , how are the job oppurtunities for the pharmacology post graduates.
2) for pharmacology post graduates is it neccesary to do phd to get well settled
3) how much is the annual salary package offered with masters degree


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scope of pharmacology

Pharmacology is the best field in Pharmacy. Because a professional from pharmacology or better to say pharmacologist is eligible to join Research and development, Pre-clinical trials and clinical trial, pharmacovigilance, BA-BE studies, lecturer ship and also can join KPO if interested.

It is not so that Ph.D is must but for more advance of career one should go for it. Annual package is different from person to person. Completely depended on your skills and achievements and also on colleges whether they have placement service or not.
And those who will join industry or institute on campus interview, will get more salary as compare to others for same post.

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