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I need your guidance.I have completed my masters in pharmaceutics from BIT Mesra. I have offers for PhD with scholarship from Govt. of India in UK in Queen Belfast University and Bradford university.

In queens my research topic is P'ceutics based and in bradford P'chemistry based.

Presently, I am a programmer analyst working in Java Technology  in cognizant with good package. I am confused what i need to do?

The thing is that after completion of my PhD i have to work in India for atleast 5 years as per the Govt. scholarship condition.Please tell what i need to do, as the condition of pharma sector is very worst and there is no jobs in R&D sector with good package and i dont have relevant exp also.

Which should be best option for me. Bradford(P'Chemistry) or Queens(P'ceutics)?


Anonymous (not verified)
Sandeep you should be happy

Sandeep you should be happy that you have got scholarship for Phd in UK but I didn't get your point why you have to work in India.
You should go for Phd .

I also want to know how did you get scholarship for Phd as I am looking for scholarship for studying in abroad.

Anonymous (not verified)
Buddy if your are happy and

Buddy if your are happy and satisfied with your job just comtimue it later go on for MBA.
If you are not happy with what you do go for a pHd but just keep in mind after PHd you will be more research oriented and also in a recent suevey I read somewhere that PHd's or over qualified do not get a fat package if you compare it with the amount and time you spend for your PHd. I am a Bachelor in Pharmacy but have my own busimess of med equipment in gulf.
What you undergraduated doesnt matters what thing most matters is what you sre happy doing hell with redt evrythng.

Have fun take care and all the best.

Anonymous (not verified)

I am Dinesh doing PhD in Pharmacology, I did my M-Pharm in 2011... well i am suggesting u to go for PhD in Queens (P'ceutics), as u completed u r PG in ceutics it will be easier to persue u r PhD in ceutics rather than P'Chme. And the remaining thing is u have to serve 5 yrs in Indian govt... i think it is the better option, becoz u will be secured for 5 yrs aft PhD.. and i am sure that u will get a salary from indian govt doring that 5 yrs also... while at the time of u r PhD you will be interacting with many of other educational systems in all over the glob. this will be the another opportunistic thing.. As u expand u r self.. u will find lots of job options...

As u said u r currently working in the Cognizant... do u really think that cognizant is better option for M-Pharm student....M-Pharmacy students are taking this job because they are not getting job in Pharmaceutical sector.. Cognizant's job profile is not sutaible for a M-Pharma student.

if u want to communicate with me my mail id is

Anonymous (not verified)
You shouldn't leave your job

You shouldn't leave your job at the moment keeping in mind the current economical crisis in Europe. Instead of a PhD you could do a short professional course of your domain in order to improvise your skills. It is simple PhD will not fetch you a goldstandard job. you are in a good position , work hard in the same you'll rise more.

Hope this helps.

Miss P.Chhatwal

Anonymous (not verified)
Continue with the same

Continue with the same work

-James stephen

Anonymous (not verified)



Anonymous (not verified)
If you are getting an

If you are getting an opportunity to do Ph.D in UK then you should not think about anything. One you will do your Ph.d from European countries you will have a number of opportunities in CSIR Labs.

Sudhansu Ranjan Swain

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, Given a choice, I would


Given a choice, I would go for PhD in Pharmaceutics, since my masters is in Pharmaceutics.
And moreover, any good package would not compensate any knowledge possessed/gained in so many years.


Anonymous (not verified)
I had done my master in

I had done my master in pharmacy in pharmaceutical chemistry and my advise to to is that you should have to go for PhD in pharmaceutics as you are from ph. ceutics background I am saying this not becouse of that ph. ceutics condidates have more opportunity but i am telling you becouse Ph chemistry requires a lot of hardwork a lot of knowledge and and the basics of chemistry that you cant learn only in PhD. If you would like to go for PhD in Ph. chemisry you should have a strong intrest in it your chemistry basics should be very clear and you shpuld have a srong knowledge of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural product chemistry and spectroscopic techniquics like UV, IR NMR, mass, LCMS, GCMS and chromatographic techniquicbecouse chemistry is a very wide field and and it is the base for any research any discovery and there is a lot of compitition in this field. While you are working in Ph cognosy or in ceutics you require the basic knowlege og chemistry becouse in evry farmulation research chemical reaction are inbolved. To go for PhD you should have learned chemistry with intrest from 10+21 standard.

Anonymous (not verified)
careeer suggestion

if you want to go for higher studies then you go with your specialization.its a good oppurtunity for you.

Anonymous (not verified)

My suggestion is that you must go to Queens Belfast for Ph D in Pharmaceutics. Job problems after Ph D in pharma is in chemical dosage forms as almost all patents are going to expire soon. As far as biologics is concerned related to vaccines, Mabs, cell biology etc the field is booming worldwide.

Ask to ur adviser on which topic ur going to work n then go ahead.Dont worry I believe u will get job after 5 years in india with handsome salary.

Wish u all the best.

Prasad Pofali
Research Assistant
ICT, Mumbai

Anonymous (not verified)
Be clear with your objective.

See as you have got scholarship from government to do PhD in UK,this is very good. But what i want to say is wherever you go you can grow as stated same by one of your friend.Hence you should think whether you want to become a Scientist/Formulation design expert throughout your career or get a job with handsome salary.Because becoming a scientist and doing a job with handsome salary are two different things.When you will find the answer on your own you choose one of the option between PhD and Cognizant job.I too have completed M.pharm(pharmaceutics) and presently working as a Medical Coder.My mail-

Thanks bro

Thanks bro

Anonymous (not verified)
u should not go for ph.

i think u should not leave the present job and go for ph.D coz the job scope in india for pharma guys are very worst.....but if u r getting a chance to settle down there or get a job there then its a diff case.....but i don't understand how come u got a job in cts as program analyst.. do they take m.pharma guys as well for the same post....try to excel where u r now and don't leave the job as money is good.....well who don't need money that too after studing so far mean m.pharma....pharma field sucks as refference is required everywhere to get an entry that too for a low package....

Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Sandeep,
Best option will be to go for P'Chemistry as it will open up lot of possibilities in Pharma and the pharma market in India is all set for a big leap by 2015. It is always better to stick to your core competence and domain. The present job will give you an advantage and definite edge in your research programme and future assignments in pharma career.


Anonymous (not verified)
Career opp. for phd.

I read ur condition and as i think it is a golden opportunity for you that will never come in future and secondaly u are master degree holder from meshara 2nd advantage 3rd advantage is that phd from foreign university with lot of knowledge.
so there is much higher scope for u in govt. as well as pharma pvt. sector with good start so dont miss it.

Anonymous (not verified)
hi dear

if you are interested and want to do higher studies then you go with your specialization.its a good opportunity for you.
but if u want to earn money and want to do something big like any dream just like open any company....than u should continue your job and conc to complete dream.

Anonymous (not verified)
be with IT rather than Pharma

I am also a pharma professional guy and currently working in the Pharma industry from last 7 years. Even I do have got PhD opportunity from Leicester, UK but I didn't opted for it since getting a job is very difficult after it. Even many of my friends are there who have completed there PhD from Bradford, Queens and Belfast but they are still struggling for job.

As you are in IT sector & its a very good field, stick to it and if you are really interested in abroad then go for job over there.

Anonymous (not verified)

If u hav big ref in pharma field den u can go for phd in a sub of ur choice,bt if u dnt hav one den continue ur present job n exp.coz pharma sector jobs r ref based n nt respected for knwldge
So take a decsn keepng in mind currnt scenerio...

Anonymous (not verified)
About your Question

Dear one you have to go ahead for PhD. and do not loose this chance

Anonymous (not verified)
Better go for PhD in

Better go for PhD in Pharmaceutics in Queen belfast university. Don't go for Chemistry at all. There will be many opportunities for Ceutics only because there are many p'ceutical industries involved in F R&D rather than that of Chemistry of novel APIs. That too for R&D in Chemistry, M.Sc background people will be preferred rather than those of Pharm. Chemistry. And regarding the current job, once completion of PhD, u will get better opportunities than the current one.

Venkateswara Rao Amara
Ph.D Scholar,
Laboratory of Chromatin Biology, I floor,
Deptt. of Pharmacology & Toxicology (Block-D),
NIPER, Sector-67, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali, Punjab-160 612, INDIA.
Ph:+91-8968040168, +91-8699218028.

Anonymous (not verified)

1st of all congrats for the opportunity.
I am dong my masters in US, almost done. i have pretty much seen pharma scenario here in US and India as well.
1st of all, IMO u can drag yourself and do phD, if you have the passion in you go for phD, but dont drag yourself, just because you got the offer, its very demanding especially in US.
So if you want to do something big in pharma industry, get publications and big name, go for it. but then again you will be stuck for 5 years in India, why i am saying this, because you know how it goes at our place and limited resources to be kept in mind.
You said ur working in java tech with good packagae, even if ur having 35-40k/month... in 10years, (5yrs phD and 5 yrs job in India), i see a pretty good growth in your field. Sadly i doubt the same in pharmaceuticals.
If your serious about phD, US is the way to go, and almost all good univ will give you complete funding for your phD. If you were just thinking about this as a offer you got, IMO 5year job in India is what makes the opportunity, not so worth it.



Anonymous (not verified)
what to do........

i m janmejay ...b.pharm on 2011...m still...not decide what to choice on govt jobs...but its few....and industry, interested.....plase sugest what more..option for a pharmacist.

Anonymous (not verified)
Dont choose pharma field

Hello friends,

Presently am working with pharma sector i have total ~5.6 years of experience but the salary is still in 30k. Recently i had decided to change my field i had completed my sas course and i want to change the job.Present field ( the pharma sector really worst i feel personally specially the Research and development department laborious work)presently am doing Phd also even i wanna change my field. U can understand how much i got frustrated with this field its not only my feeling those who r working in pharma feeling the same thing.My sincere suggestion is don't choose pharma field specially Research department).

Anonymous (not verified)
Advice needed ..

HI . i am working in pharma quality assurance department from last 3 yrs., i have completed my Bpharm and perceiving distance MBA . but i m not satisfied with the job profile and salary concern. i want to switch in Pharmacovigilance , can anybody guide me for the same. what i should do, how i will get the job in Pv?


Anonymous (not verified)
It depends in ur interest

It depends in ur interest where u want to be.. If you are happy with what you have you now I would suggest you to stick to your data analyst job. If you think that Ph.D is better than ur current job status i would suggest you to go for it.. Mind you a doctrate is a high level qualifiation no matter what you are now. Very few people get a chance to go for Ph.d in UK. If i would have had to decide i will go for doctrate. Hope now u know what i mean to say.

Also, I would like to know if u can help me get a job in cognizant?

Farhan Magrabi

Anonymous (not verified)
hi dear do your ph.d. then

hi dear

do your ph.d. then more option for you. but as programmer in java it is different from pharma like. you can choose what you want ?

Sandeep Soni

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