regarding niper admission

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regarding niper admission

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i am from mumbai ,i got 284 rank in niper, and my GPAT score is quite good,i might get ceutics in mumbai i want to ask whether i should prefer ceutics in mumbai or subject like biotechnology from niper at sas nagar or ahmdabad pls vdo reply me


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Congratulation for achievement.

We all are aware that NIPER is No. 1 Pharma institute in the India. The status of the institute is much much higher then any one.

But we always recommend our pharma professional that take admission in such subject in which they are very much interested.
Suppose you may get admission in biotech and it is not of your interest, then priorly you may get good salary job on the back support of NIPER but ahead growth may not so smooth.

But if you are pretty good in biotechnology, then there is no question of any apprehensiveness.
Not a single institute can make your career, only you and your efforts can make it shine.

Thanking you.

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