which jobs can do a Pharm d candidate in India

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which jobs can do a Pharm d candidate in India

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Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

QUESTION about Pharm.D

1.which jobs can do a Pharm d candidate in India?

2.Can he work as a lecturer in B.pharm Institute?

3.Can he work in Pharma manuacturing companies?

4.Can he works as a C.R.A./Reaserch scientist/Pharmacovihilance.?

5.Is Pharm D is equivalent to the Ph.D?

6.What is the average salary of Pharm D candidate in U.S.A. & INDIA ?


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We tried to give some brief

We tried to give some brief information

1. Pharm.D professionals are well trained in patient counciling and eligible to get job in hospitals as doctors.

2. He can work as lecturer but more likely in pharm.d college

3. We are not suggesting Pharm.D as industry oriented course... though it may possible that they may absorb in other parts like CR & Pharmacovigilance...

4. Pharm.D Professionals can work in CRO

5. No, Pharm.D is not equivalent to Ph.D... both are having different orientation....Likely they both will have prefix Dr. in front of their names... No other similarities.

6. Average salary in USA is 40-50 or more USD per hour in beginning....AND in INDIA cant say until first batch comes out.

Anonymous (not verified)
hello this is debolina sen

hello this is debolina sen roy a student of pharm.d . i wanted to ask what are the chances of employment in europe?
i will wait for ur reply .

Prolay Paul (not verified)

hey debolina..tumi pharm.d complete kre nie6o??ami pharm.d student frm bangalore..plz reply me


Thanks admin !!

Anonymous (not verified)
Pharm D professional in hospitals.....

how pharmD students are work as doctors in hospitols....without having PRESCRIPTION RIGHT???????

B. Shirisha (not verified)
Pharma d

Can I know sir how to apply for jobs after completion of the Pharmacovigilance d please tell me



Anonymous (not verified)
pharm D

can pharm D person run there clinic

Anonymous (not verified)
Myself sweta...M a PharmD

Myself sweta...M a PharmD student..worried about future...an u suggest some job offers in india after completion of pharm D?????

Anonymous (not verified)
Medicomarketing writing is a new age career

Hi Sweta,
I have observed that Pharm D students are doing well as medicomarketing writers.

Medicomarketing communication companies such as Medeka, Bioquest, Satchi & Satchi, etc develop the marketing inputs namely, brochures, newsletters, visual aids, detail aids, patient education pamphlets, and training manuals for medical representatives to distribute to doctors.

Pharm D students are suitable for this job because of theie academic background that blends both clinical pharmacy and pharmacology.

If you want to pursue, get trained (if required) and apply for the job.

Romeo (not verified)
Pharm d

Can I get job after studies

Can we go for MD after Pharm

Can we go for MD after Pharm D in India???

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I dont think so

I dont think so

Anonymous (not verified)
is pharm d a gud course?

helloo,my name is sheenu..i completed ma 12..i was a bio hindi student..so if i opt for pharm d..vl it b successful? diz course has got any scope in india?

Anonymous (not verified)
Pharm.D career prospects and better healthcare for Indians

Every one says there is good scope for Pharm.D in US,western countries, and in most advanced countries including Gulf. Thus all advanced countries accepted Phard.D and inducted them to the Healthcare sector to improve Public healthcare. Hence they recruit Pharm.D professionals and pay more salary.
INDIA also realised the URGENT NEED to have more no.of Pharm.D professionals to improve healthcare in India. FIRST BATCH
of hundreds of Pharm.D Professionals coming out from Colleges in India in 2014.
WE ALL MUST request Indian Health Ministry/Central Govt./State Govts/Pharmacy council of India/Other authories to create posts suitably in all Hospitals and Medical Colleges statutorily so as to IMPROVE the HEALTHCARE OF INDIAN PEOPLE like other advanced countries. This can improve healthcare and reduce mortality. PHARM.D. professionals should jointly approach these authorities.

Anonymous (not verified)
pharma.d post baccularate

hai good evening
1. I completed my b.pharm and i choose pharm.d course is it best option or not
2. In hyderabad how many colleges offering (pb) in 2013
3. In A.P how many government pharm.d colleges
4. After pharm.d course is there any job opportunities in INDIA & ABROAD
5. How to go foreign jobs is there any entrance test
6. How much salary they given in usa,kenya,australia
7. How much salary they given in india
8. How many colleges with attached hospital with pci recognization in andhra pradesh

Rakibul hussain (not verified)
about job of pharm D

Sir I am a pharm D students studying at telengana from assam.
I want to know can I get Job in assam because pharm D course is not there in assam
Sir kindly sms me 9577478637

nithish (not verified)
availadilities in pharma d

Are there having nice future in pharma d are not. what is the further future of completing pharm d..

gopika (not verified)
how much salary can a pharmd student get in usa

how much a pharmd student get in us

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Salary of Pharm.D Professional in India

Dear Gopika,

Pharm.D professional should get Min. 8,000-10,000 $ / Month or more. (for freshers)

Generally, Salary varies with type of job involvement.

Pharm.D can work in retail, clinical research, hospital pharmacist and their salary differes with their roles.

srija (not verified)
do we get immediatly job

do we get immediatly job after pharm d?it it so what job do they get and how will be the salary in india?

Fresher opportunities in Pharmacovigilance @ Terzetto Pharma

Hi Srija,

There will be opportunities in Pharmacovigilance @ Terzetto Pharma, Bangalore.
Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance Associates(10) - Freshers-Any year of passing out. Location:Bangalore
Eligibility: (Any year of passing out)
- Bachelors/Masters in LifeSciences (Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Immunology, Parasitology, Genetics etc) B.Sc/Msc Nursing, BDS, BHMS,BAMS ,B.Pharm, Mpharm,MBBS,Veterinary Science,B.Tech etc
-Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
-Selected candidates would undergo In-house Traineeship
-Must be willing to relocate to Bangalore
If you need any help or support or corporate trainings, Please contact to me at
naren.bt6@gmail.com  or +91-8123615219.
I will come back with one more job oppertunity, Keep watch on Pharma tutor


mohd khalid (not verified)

sincerity job

Boda komal (not verified)

Work in pharma manufacture

siva durga kammili (not verified)
sir i am siva durga and i

sir i am siva durga and i percieving 5th pharmd
are we eligible for do doctor of medicine after pharmd???

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Siva Durga Kammili,

No, you are not eligible for Doctor of medicine (MD) after Pharm.D.

But you can do doctor of Philosopy (Ph.D) after Pharm.D in India.

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