Can a pharma backgroud student enter into software field?

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Debajyoti Sahoo
Can a pharma backgroud student enter into software field?

GPAT courses

Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

How can a pharma background student create a position in software field? If this is possible, then what are the courses that would help to highlight the profile?

Please reply me all yours valuable suggestions that would help me.


yeah it can be totally possible

yeah it can be possible by the course called as clinical sas, fully called as clinical statistical analytical system, where your career starts with the sas programmer. you can do it after completing your bpharmacy. their are many institutes which can offer this course, among epoch institute is the sas certified institute established in gujarat, and they have their branches in all the metropolitan cities like bangalore etc. the tenure of the course lasts for 4months, in the last month, u will sent for placements.companies include wipro, accenture, cadila etc. for more info visit this site


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