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Hello Sir,
Now i am working as a Dealer in my own Share Securities Firm in my home town.
I got a offer from one of my Family member who is a one of main distributor in Banglore, he would like to open a branch in my home town.
Even I am also interested in that, but the problem are:
1. I am able to work after 3.30pm to evening or up to late night & even in Saturday’s & Sunday’s  is this enough ?
2. They told that they ll train up me for MR before I start working, is that enough ?
3. The good thing is I know most of all Doctors & Medical shop in my town, in my town we have around 10-15 clinic’s & 4-5 hospitals , is this enough to get good revenue ?( they { my Family member / distributor } told that revenue ll in % basis).
4.  My home town is a Taluk headquarter & I am thinking to go for near other 2-3 Taluk headquarter which is near to me( comes in 35-45km radius ) , so I think this ll help me to improve my revenue.
So can you pls suggest me.
Thanking you
Abhi Koppa


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Hi, Are you joining as MR or


Are you joining as MR or marketing development executive in your family members company? If yes then,

1. If it will be in your profile to meet doctors then it may difficult to meet them on Saturday or Sunday. Most of the time, Reputed doctors provide visit timing from Monday to Friday... Only in few cases it is possible to call doctors on weekends. And you have to meet doctors as per their convenience not on yours.

2. Yes, that will enough. Generally, training is necessary but you will learn slowely when you go in real market. So that is fine if they will train you.

3. See if revenue is in % basis means you have to sale more to get more income.. And very simple funda is that you have to meet min. 70-100 doctors and obviously in hospitals too. Some doctors allow to meet thrice in month, some twice or some once in a month. So You have to plan accordingly

4. Sure, it will increase your revenue if you visit as many as places.

Feel free to write back.

PharmaTutor Team

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