Information about masters in clinical research and it's current scope

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Information about masters in clinical research and it's current scope

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Hello sir/madam,

I'm Bhavika Dalvi, studying in final year I want to know the information about masters in clinical research and it's current scope because I have heard in news that government has limited the research. 
I also want to know the good institutions or colleges in western mumbai and its enterance tests.

Reply as soon as possible.

Thank you


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From the day Clinical

From the day Clinical Research (CR) was started, It is just became topic of controversies and debates rather than research as such.

It is true that Supreme court gave notice to government to come up with a plan to tighten regulations for clinical trials of new drugs. This is not because they want to slow down the drug discovery but unfortunately, it partially looks like doing so.
Regulation requires because there are some claims which states that Indian citizens are being used as “guinea pigs” in an industry worth an estimated £310m a year. In recent years, India bouncing as one of the main locations for clinical trials by MNC pharma & biotechnology companies, looking for places to test new drugs and medicines. Hundreds of trials may be going on at any one time. The government notified that between 2005-2012, around 2,644 people died during trials for new drugs. Out of which 80 deaths were directly attributed to the items tested. A further 500 suffered serious adverse reactions. There are some cases of ignorance of ethical guidelines. That's why regulation and rules are tightened up.

There are also some reports suggest that around 40 trials were kept on hold during early october this year.

Though these regulations may not harm trials incomings but we have to wait & watch for further reactions of industry on same.


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