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Want information about jobs in USA

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I have completed my M.Pharmacy in pharmaceutical analysis in India. Now I am in new Jersey,USA. I want to know is there is an option of getting quality control or quality assurance jobs in new jersey or newyork. I have noted down the list of pharma companies present in newjersey. Plz kindly say how to approach the industry.Pharma tutor's reference and guidance will be of great help for me.



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Dear Sahithya, You can

Dear Sahithya,

You can work there after your masters in pharmacy in India. But you must have valid work permit...If you have H1B visa or Greencard, you are eligible to work there.

Write back your visa status, I shall give you more info.

PharmaTutor Team

Currently, I am in H4 visa

Currently, I am in H4 visa and want to apply for H1b. Kindly guide me.


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H4 visa holders are not

H4 visa holders are not authorized to work in the United States but allowed to study.

They are not eligible to get a Social Security Number and cannot be employed, but they can hold a driver's license, open bank accounts, and get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for US tax purposes.

I got a lot of clarity about

I got a lot of clarity about how to approach industry after reading pharma tutor suggestions. Thanks a lot for providing information and hope pharmatutor's continuous support will be there for me for all the career matters concerned.


Vandhana (not verified)
Going through same condition

Can u pls guide me.. I am also a m.pharm post graduate in pharmaceutical analysis from India . I am in H4 visa. So pls guide me. Can you please tell me what you are doing now. did you get any job. Pls give me a reply.

Umashanker pandey (not verified)
Pharmacists job

Hi sir
I am umashanker pandey I have done B.PHARMA in 2013 and i have 4 year experience in Pharma marketing sir i want to say that I want to work at U.S. or any gulf or forgen countery as pharmacist or Pharma marketing so sir please gide me mob 8604764174

Dhruv Patel (not verified)
Hi,The best part of your


The best part of your story is that you are in NJ, USA. New York is only for corporate jobs, so forget about it. First thing you should do is that just make a nice resume, and use words like BS Pharmaceutical Science, instead if B.Pharm; and MS in Pharmaceutical Analysis instead of M.Pharm, as the people there understands those terms well. Also add about an experience of 1-2 years in your resume(even if its not real, that's fine i believe) and in that experience, you also add info abt the project you did in the final semester of M.Pharm. Also, don't forget to add the same points in your resume 'experience and skills part' that are written in the posted job requirement where you are applying.
Suppose you are applying for a QA job in sun pharma in usa, and if their job requirement qualities says that they want someone who can Control product quality alliance; then you resume should also say the same words somewhere in skills or experience part. This helps a lot in gaining attention of the recruiter.

As far as it is concerned with the job availability, then you will be glad to know that NJ, Pennsylvania. and neighboring states are a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. You will find many Indian and MNC companies around that place for manufacturing units. Also, go ahead and apply to all the agencies that hook's up for such companies, and also upload your resume on Indeed.com, etc. Also go to LinkedIn, and start searching for the required field personnel, and keep in touch with the people who are working in such fields.
Also, start preparing for interviews(phone interview, and personal interview) also.

Also, go to all the companies website and go to their career's section in the bottom of the home page, and search for the relative jobs you are looking for. As is said earlier, there are many many companies in NJ like Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson,Ohm Pharma, Sun Pharma, and many more; Pennsylvania has Colgate and a few more, West Virginia has Mylan; also search for Watson, Teva, and many more companies including local companies.

I believe that if you apply to atleast 5-10 jobs a day, then you will definitely start receiving interview calls companies.
Also, if you want to take an admission in any of the university for MS, and write in your resume that you are pursuing double masters then also it creates a good impression to get your first job. And once you are satisfied with your job, then just take a frop from your MS. Simple..

Hope you have some more clear ideas ideas, and focused goals now.

Thanks ,

praveen@pharma (not verified)
hi sir am looking for a course in USApharma related jobs.

am completed my Graduation in Bsc (BZC), so am looking for us i have professional experience in Manufacturing and Quality Assurance experience am looking for MS in US ,
Could u please suggest which course is better to find the job in US, with Masters.

Mahendra Khadka (not verified)

Best suggestion.Thanks Dhruv G .I also got some guidelines

samad malik (not verified)
marketting job

i have 2 year experience in marketing around the Mumbai Maharashtra state.
I want a job as a MR in USA any state.

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For marketing job in USA

Hi, Samad

you need to receive a work permit VISA for that Purpose.

vikas chand maurya (not verified)


Deenadayalan (not verified)
Medical coding job in us

Hi this is Deena
i have 2years experience in medical coding with CPC.seeking for job in US...or some other country.pls guide me

Dr. K.RAJA RAJESWARI (not verified)

i completed my Ph.D in India and have 9+ years of experience in teaching. But i want to go USA or UK and work there in universities . But i dont know how to approach them. I registered in various websites like indeed, jobs.ac.uk etc and am applying for various jobs, but most of them ask for a work permit. How do i get that work permit?

sri harshita (not verified)
job search

I completed my b.pharmay, Now i m in Seattle .I want to do job . now i cant effort to study more. can i get any job in pharmaceutical industries
plz help me
Sri Harshita

sangeeta verma (not verified)
pharmaceutical chemistry

Hello I m sangeeta verma
I have completed my m.pharm from pharmaceutical chemistry .and I want to do job in CADD ( computer added drug design) in USA.

govind navale (not verified)
opportunity in QMS document and production

I am searching job in the USA
Please guide us

nagesh meena (not verified)
job in usa related pharma sector

sir i am pharmacist in goverment hospital in kota rajasthan. my qualifiaction is b. [pharma i want to know about job in usa in pharma sector. i want to job in usa ?

surendra patil (not verified)
Pharma jobs in abroads

Dear Sir, I am Surendra Patil BE mechanical having more than 3 years of working in which 2 years is of PharmaAPI
As a Sr officer maintenance + project,even though I want to complete my post graduation there in abroad pls help me out, do you have any guidelines.

Prayag (not verified)
Job in canada

Sir I have done b pharma. And currently working with Dr reddys now I want a job in production company plz suggest me

akhila k (not verified)

Hi sahithya I have completed my M.Pharmacy in pharmaceutical analysis in India and i am looking for job and i got my H4 EAD plz kindly say how to approach the industry.Pharma tutor's reference and guidance will be of great help for me.

Ritika S. (not verified)
Job hunt


I have completed my M.Sc. in Biotechnology from India and worked as a QC in Macmillan publishing company for 3 years.Now I am in Cincinnati (Ohio),USA. I want to know if there is any option of getting quality control or quality assurance jobs in Cincinnati. Now I am in H4 visa but our I140 have been approved & soon I am planning to get my EAD done. Plz kindly help on this .Pharma tutor's reference and guidance will be of great help for me.


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You are eligible for work after EAD done.

Hi Ritika,

You are eligible to work once you get work permit in the USA. There are many pharma companies in Cincinnati (Ohio), USA. You can apply as intern for QA /QC work or if you have any related experience, you may apply based on that.

For others who may not know about I140, it is an immigrant petition for outsiders (outside of US) submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by a employer for getting petition to work in the US on a permanent basis.

And EAD means "work permit" is a document issued by the USCIS that provides temporary employment authorization to non US citizens.

Dr smruti (not verified)

I have completed my graduation in BDS and now I m percieving masters in pharmaceutical medicine
is there any scope and career opportunities at abroad.
Thank you

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