Importance of Pharm D after B-Pharmacy

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Importance of Pharm D after B-Pharmacy

Pharma courses

pharma courses

Hello Sir, I have done B-pharmacy, and wanted to persue higher education.

i doing pharm D is correct option after B-pharmacy, compared to doing MBA or Pharma Management courses.

How much Pham D has industrial importance.

Plus i also would like to know how one can go for pham D and which colleges are offering it Please guide me .. as i am confused. regards


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pharm D


          Right now pharm.D is not required for Indian scenario.  Lot of discussions are going on about it.  We cannot predict the future.  A Pharm.D person has to face challenges in the future.  Join the course if you can face some challenges.

Pharm D course

well i also used to plan for Pharm D....

then i thougt for another way...wat about M.Pharm in clinical pharmacy or M.Pharm in pharmacy practice from NIPER??

can you please get me some info on this?

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yeh its a nice idea to get

yeh its a nice idea to get qualification done from NIPER.

Pharmacy Practice would be an better option to make career ahead even in CRO industries

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