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Pharma courses

pharma courses

What is the scope of Drug Regulatory Affairs in future and which is the best institute offering this with placement cell?


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Drug regulatory affairs Future

DRA is still emerging profession in India. Public and government interest in the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and medical device products is increased.
Requirement of DRA increasing as need of global era for protection of rights is increasing day by day due to lots of R&D work.
Many in the RA Profession believe the New Approach to regulation will eventually be adopted for all healthcare products as it represents the best model for delivering new healthcare advances to market in a reasonable time with acceptable safety.

Even now RA has their own membership socities called as Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Canadian Association of Professional Regulatory Affairs, The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs {TOPARA} etc.

Lots more is going on. and it will keep continuing...

AICTE is not approving to DRA institutes.

Any company associate with

Any company associate with any research work, is requires RA executives and there are so many posts other than industry.

In some big banners like FDA, UNICEF etc require professionals from RA. So you just think how bigger the opportunities are.

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