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Pharma courses

pharma courses

AT an outset I am a chemical engineer worked for three years as projects & production engineer in a chemicals manufacturing company in vapi, gujarat. 

This year I have also completed MBA(International Business & Marketing).

My queries are:

  • Am I eligible in manufacturing jobs for pharma industry.
  • Am I also eligible for projects & engineering job in pharma sector.
  • Am I eligible for product management team. If yes then guide me as, how to  approach companies.
  • I am interested in strategic management jobs in pharma industry. Guide me also on this as to how to approach pharma companies.


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- You are not eligible to

- You are not eligible to work in Pharma Production.
- Definately you are eligible for projects and engineering works in pharma industry also.
- It requires atleast MBA to join PMT. But you have to take sales experience as you are not from pharma background. You have to work as MR for atleast 1-2 years otherwise work as management trainee in any pharma industry.
- Strategic management is top level job and definately, they will hire experience professionals. You have to work as Management Trainees in some small firms and selection of yours will depend on your talent.

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