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really thanq so much for u r information, hi ths is mahesh completed D-Ph nd B-Pharmacy, can u suggest me for after b,ph what to do... Thanq...

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RE:Dont waste your money and life

Hi Saranya,

As per your post above i understand that you totally believed the institute ,you should have a confidence on you not on the institute .People in institutes will tell the same that everybody will get 20 to 30 k immediately after the course completion.
But we should have self confidence but not confidence on institutes.
Try a month,2 months, 3 4....12.18...U will get for sure.Nothing will come easily,a born baby also takes 2 years to walk...everything will come on our hardwork only.

Try n Try untill u succeed!!!

ALL THE BEST!!!! :-)

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RE:Dont waste your money and life

Hi all,

To enter SAS field u need at least 2 yrs exp in SAS data sets. This is because SAS professionals handle very critical data.Thus companies do not want to take a chance by highering freshers in this field. Very few companies encourage freshers. I tried for a yr and gave up. I would suggest not to believe any institutes regarding this. As a fresher to get into SAS Luck is the only factor.


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ya what you told is correct

ya what you told is correct but a person facing financial problems can't wait for a such a long period.
I think your an representative for a sas institute.
just think of it Mr.x

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very well said ma'm/sir whom

very well said ma'm/sir whom so ever it is.

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SAS for BE student

im a BE student with electronics background
please let me know is it good for me to do SAS course clinical research,and how are the job opportunities in future as a fresher..and also which institute is good in mumbai,hyd..

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hi.. am a M.pharm fresher

hi.. am a M.pharm fresher searching job from 6 months i didnt find a source to get job in pharma i want to move to it field through SAS, is SAS hard to learn for pharma professionals? if nt what are the good institutes to learn sas and fee,is it better to search like a fresher or is need to make fake experiance??? help me

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Clinical SAS/Pharmacovigilence/CDM freshers/1 year experience

Clinical SAS/Pharmacovigilence/CDM freshers/1 year experience @9912903346+ Hyderabad


We are seeking freshers or 0-1 year experienced candidates for 

Clinical SAS/Pharmacovigilence/CDM positions. please contact us at our office.

VIHA Technologies, 

302, Nirmala Kubera Heights

Near SPARK hospital

Uppal, Hyderabad.

SAS (not verified)

Hi i heard cytel clip lab is good to pursue SAS and they provide very good placemnt. Is that true?????????????????????

ganesh a (not verified)
sas useful for r&d job holder?

Hi i am doing job in research&development in pharma company.i am having 8 years experience in same sas course useful for me?

Rani padmini (not verified)
Ref: prospect of Sas for life science postgraduate.

Iam a postgraduate with 4. Years of teaching experience in biochemistry.I would like to know prospects of Sas and job opportunities. the institutes offering the course.


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